**Accountability Partner Requests**

Hello everyone,
I'm 31 y.o. male from Europe and I would like to find an accountability partner (preferably from Europe/UK/Ireland, because of time zones).
I struggle with sexual addiction regarding masturbation and pornography, as well as ogling women. These behaviors took a large toll on my relationship with my girlfriend. Right now the only accountability partner is her, which, needless to say, isn't going very well for us.

Currently it's been about 9 months since I last time used pornography but since then I've been giving second looks to another women in front of my girlfriend and engaging in abusive and dismissive behavior towards her. Also, I've been struggling in keeping with my commitment to recovery work, namely procrastinating and focusing on other activities in my free time as a means to escape uncomfortable feelings.

I would like to talk to someone regularly, preferably over Whatsapp, analyze our slip ups or activities and hold each other accountable.

If you're in a good recovery and willing to be my accountability partner, please let me know by PM me.
Still need a buddy? :)
Hey nation,
I'm looking for an accountability partner as I think just having 1on1 conversations can be an additional pillar of strength. I keep a journal here and I've been struggling with P and PMO for almost six years now. Preferably looking for someone located in Western Europe (just because of time zones), who is around my age (30+) and who, needless to say, is serious about quitting P for good. PM me here if you're interested.
Hi, I’m a guy, 38 from Denmark. And I’m on day 6