**Accountability Partner Requests**

I just posted my intro and am definitely looking for an accountability partner. I could really use some help getting this under control.


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Hey man I am also looking for an accountability partner, if you want to send me a private message we can take it from there let me know  or if anyone else is interested in an accountability partner send me a private message

alongtheriver said:
I just posted my intro and am definitely looking for an accountability partner. I could really use some help getting this under control.
Hi Everyone,

I'm looking to team up with an accountability partner to support eachother. In 2015 I recognised that I have an addiction. I have made significant progress since then but finding an accountability partner is the next stage. You can read about my journey here: http://legacy.rebootnation.org/index.php?topic=10090.msg105000#msg105000

What I would expect from an accountability partner:

1. Take over admin on my filtering softwares. This is just to ensure I don't change the passwords.

2. Also, if I could ad them as my accountability partner on my Fortify program so they can see my 'battle tracker' i.e see my progress.

3. Communicate with eachother on a weekly basis to see how we are getting along (if you need more often then weekly that's fine, we can figure out what suits us best). 

If you would like to team up with me please PM me and say a little about your journey so far.


UPDATE: I opened up to a close friend about my recovery and he is now my accountability partner. I am not looking for another accountability partner anymore.
I am a 61 year old who is just starting my re-boot. I just came to grips with this about a week ago so feel overwhelmed by most of it. I think it might be helpful to have a friend here to help keep me honest.


Hi.  I'm new to the site.  I'm a few weeks shy of 49 years old, and I've been addicted since I was about 20.  Been struggling to beat it by myself with ups and downs but no long term success.  I've been experiencing the porn-induced ED for several years and have to take viagra to be with my wife.  She knows nothing of my addiction.  It's the only thing I've ever hidden from her in the 30 years we've been together.  I'm at the end of my rope, and I'm hoping I can finally overcome this with the help of a community like this one.  If there is anyone looking for an accountability partner, I would welcome the opportunity.  I've finally come to the conclusion that I am never going to beat this on my own. 


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I would be willing to be your Accountability Partner.

I am a 60 year old virgin with an addiction to PMO.  I also have a couple mild disabilities but I am a good
athlete.  It was the disabilities that kept me from hooking up fulltime with a lady.

I am 100% Heterosexual though!!!


Looking for an accountability partner. I'm 66 and using porn since I was 14.  Have been in SA in the past and therapy several years ago. Had some success, but have relapsed. Back in therapy to work on underlying issues as well as stopping, but I want to work with someone who's also going through what I am going through. I'm married and told my wife about this, and have her support, but I'm not comfortable accounting to her. If you are available, message me. Thanks.


I would be interested in finding an accountability partner -- preferably someone who plans to incorporate their faith into their recovery. I am a 46yo Catholic, married, father of four.


Hi, I'm looking for an AP to help,and be helpful to,in my struggle to reboot successfully,and sustain my recovery as I have failed on many occasions over the years.I have watched porn every day,but I am on day two of being away from porn. It isn't easy and I need help with the withdrawals,(and believe me they are bad!).I also have engaged in cyber sex, with both sexes,although I enjoyed it at the time,it wasn't long before the guilt and shame set in. My porn addiction has grown worse over time,and I find that I have to watch more and more "warped and darker",subject matter to achieve the same stimulation. If you are looking for an AP,or think that you could help me, then contact me either by reply, PM, or email me. Thank you.
I am new to this forum, but I have been involved with "Men's work" through an international organization for almost 20 years. I meet with a group of men, and we practice accountability, and hold each other accountable when neccessary........SO, I know how having an accountability support system works.
    That being said, I would really appreciate having an accountability partner, and being one for some one who is also interested for the right reasons. How do I do this?



I'm Paul and I'm in my second week of reboot now. I've been struggling with this for twenty some years now.
I have a very understanding wife who I love dearly and I have two kids with. She has caught me a few times with my pants down.
Every time I've promised to do better, find help and put an end to it. I tried talking to a psychiatrist, doctor and other caregivers.
But everytime it followed the same pattern. I was cooperative and convinced in the beginning and kept on the good path for a few months.
Then something small happened and the whole addiction spiralled out of control again.
This time I want to make real changes forgood. I started reading YBOP and other websites that led me to this place.
So I am looking for someone I can relate to and discuss things with we come across during our journey. Besides dealing with the addiction I'm also dealing with another related issue and that is being not fair with my wife over the addiction. I want to talk to her about my problems but I find it hard to do so. An AP who can relate to that also would be helpfull. It is my belief that this will take a long time and will commit at least one year. Please write me your story and concerns and maybe we can help out eachother.
I'm looking for an AP to help me through the reboot.  I prefer someone in the same boat as I am (single, atheist, gay), but if you are not and you are okay with all three of these facets of me, I would be willing to partner up.  I hope to hear from someone.  Thanks, guys.


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56 year-old married guy here, would like to find a friend in similar situation to encourage one another through our reboot. I've been a regular porn user since age 14, but 7 years ago when wife experienced some health issues and was unable to "perform" on a regular basis, I found my PMO gradually becoming more and more frequent to the point of almost every day. The last 2 or 3 years I've been experiencing PIED which really scares me.

I'm not sure how much accountability is possible inside this forum which relies upon anonymity.
But, I"m hopeful that confession may provide a benefit to our problem.
If you are willing to give it a try, please message me.

I recently discovered the Easy Peasy Method, and it's been working for me. After 2 other serious attempts to quit, this time seems for real, and different.
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Hello, I am a 41 yr old recently divorced guy. I am looking for someone to partner with as an accountability partner in this journey for growth. I have been using p since I was about 14 and am severely addicted. It is difficult for me to go day without indulging in it. But I just started working with a professional and he is helping me expose my erroneous thought patterns.



Also seeking accountability partner.

Male, 49, UK base and timezones.

Long-term porn problems, also associated social media and more generalised internet addiction (self-diagnosed).

I'm in a long-term relationship and relatively stable in many ways. I'm a recovering drug and alcohol addict (and cigarettes) with about six years clean in that recovery.

I've started a journal but if anyone wants to join in then I'd be interested. I see that the two previous posts are from gentlemen in a similar age group and I'd be very happy to chat to you guys!

Cheers, OO.


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I'm 44 and was introduced to porn at a young age.  Although my porn use didn't escalate until high speed internet came and it was all downhill from there with the smartphone.  I was going from one dopamine rush to another sometimes spending a good part of my work day and evenings paging through porn sites.  Eventually that wasn't enough for me so I begin sexting with girls.  As a married man this just caused extra anxiety for me. I picked up running six years ago and it helped minimize my use, but anytime hard times arised I was back at it again with the porn and sexting. 

I've also been a causal meditator, but came across a 30 day online class at the beginning of the year and challenged myself to stick with it.  My meditation streak is still alive today.  I'm free of porn and chatting, but triggered by the occasional social media post and when that happens I hide it from my feed to not act out on it. Meditation has given me a clearer mindset, but at the same time my mind is looping with the guilt and anxiety for the questionable things I've done in the past. 

I have a therapist I meet with once a week, but it's hard to stay calm when I have all these thoughts bottled up inside waiting to discuss with her the following week.  I hope to be able find someone to discuss similar experiences to ease the process a little better.


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Hi, everyone

My name is Ismael, I am from Spain. I can write English more or less, so I imagine this is going to be helpful for me.
I have a erectile disfunction. I watch half an hour of porn every day and masturbate. When I watched some of the videos here, I realized porn addiction was my problem. So this is why I need help. I tried to give it up but I only remained not wathing porn for a week, but erectile disfunction was still on.

I am looking for an accountability partner. Please if you want to be one, I will thank you a lot.

Best wishes to you all


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Iloveicecream said:
Hi, I am Looking for an AP. Anyone willing to join the battle:)?
I am open to teaming up to overcoming this attachment to porn. How shall we begin?


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I am 43 and recently discovered this whole porn issue. I am slowly realizing just how damaging it is but despite all of my efforts I am unable to make a permanent change. I'd like to ask if someone would like to go through this with me. I really need help with this.