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I am reaching out as one who has been struggling Under the weight of this addiction for nearly 40 years. I am married (for the second time), with two great young children and a strong wife. There is a lot of positive energy both personally and professionally in my life. However, I am exhausted from this addiction and attempting to manage it  on my own. I know that one of the keys to my freedom is Having a relationship of accountability and Vulnerability with a fellow traveler.  Someone with whom I can Build trust and commitment, Someone with whom I am available to and who I am able to get in touch with at any time when the temptation is too overwhelming.

Thanks for listening.


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Hi Mydonspace,

I read your posts and resonate with a lot of what you've shared. I am very new to Reboot Nation, and have been struggling with porn for 40 of my 50 years. I have a strong wife and two great young kids, but have no idea what it's like to go without porn and habitual masturbating for any length of time. I know the benefits of are countless in every aspect of life, but I feel like I've been stuck spinning my wheels for years. I practice Transcendental Mediation daily, been a yoga student for over a decade, and have upped my fitness and health game in recent weeks. This can only do me good. But the one thing I need in order to become abstinent from porn is an accountability partner. I'd love to hear more about your journey and your interest in the same. Thanks!


I'm 50's married. Addicted to gay porn and masturbation for many years. Chat rooms and texting are also issues for me. I've developed PIED after years of this. Would like an accountability partner who can relate to my struggles.
I feel alone and discouraged and hopeless


I?m 41 years old and looking for help. I am familiar with 12 step programs due to a parent being involved and going to Alanon meetings. An accountability partner that can help me through this would be invaluable. This is my first attempt at stopping and I need all the help I can get



I am 44, started on this journey of no pmo since October 1st, first challenge is to do this till the end of year, and then beyond. Looking for an accountability partner for helping each other.
I am also looking for accountability.

My name is Mark. 41, married, 2 daughters and a Christian. What I desire is accountability that has a Godly component to it.

Let me know if this is something you think could work. If not, I understand.

Take care,



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I think I may be in the same boat as you.  I'm 66, married for 43 years but separated for 16 months, and I've been addicted to porn for 40 years or so.  I wonder if I'm bisexual.  I was molested by a boy teenager when I was about 12 for a whole summer.  We jerked each other off probably once a week for 3 months or so.  Then, at about age 40, I somehow hooked up with a 55 male colleague from work, and we did the same on our lunch hours for a couple of years off and on.  Other than that, I've been hetrosexual and regrettably, even cheated on my wife with females.  That is, until the last couple of years when I picked up the pace on hardcore porn and went from one extreme to the next and now I'm hooked on gay porn.  I am now 6 months without any porn or porn subs and I'm 44 days with no PMO, but it's really hard.  I struggle every day.  My goal is to go hard mode for 90 days and see if I'm cured.  How are you doing?


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Hello. I'm turning 45 this year and I need an accountability partner. I have been into porn as far as I can remember. I was raped by a stranger when I was 15 and it went downhill from there. I made my own porn through art for years and it led to me contacting people men and women online. I never met anyone to have sex but love pretending I would. I joined up on a escort verification site to chat with escorts several years ago and that was the final straw. My wife deserves better. IU deserve better. I purged all my porn a week before xmas and have not looked at it since. I deleted my email accounts associated with my online porn/chat habits as well. I feel like a disgusting slimebal for all the years I used porn to escape. I cannot do this anymore. I have been i n a state of arrested development for 30 years. I want to stop all of this before It gets too far. I've never physically cheated on my wife--only  emotionally. This has come up in the past several times so I'm lucky to still be married. I love her. She is a GREAT woman. I need help. I'm scared of losing her and my life I have taken for granted. This is new to me so sorry if I posted in the wrong area.


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Hi. I am a 41 year old single male looking for an accountability partner. Been watching porn since I was 12 years old got myself into the high speed Internet the last few years were I got severe pied. Been off porn now for a year and seen little in progress. Very knowledgeable with many of the problems we have been reading and watching a lot of videos on this stuff. Maybe I could give you a hand to bring you into a new step in your life. Please message back. Not sure how you supposed to message people here.


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Hi All, I'm a 53 year old male that has been addicted to porn for most of my life. I would love to find an accountability partner near my age who is dealing with much of the same issues. I'm married, no real sex life, porn has been the thing for many years. Would love to just have a friend to discuss it with and help me stay focused.



Hi Everyone, I'm almost 52, married, with two teenage kids. My first marriage ended in divorce and this is my second marriage. My marriage is on the rocks and I live separately from my family. I've been watching porn since my early teens, and have been an addict for over a decade. I'm looking for someone with whom I can share my journey to recovery, an ear that can listen, and a voice that can encourage me and shake me out of my weakness and complacency when I need it the most. I've just created a journal and hope to begin my recovery soon.
Thanks for reading this.