Sexual stimulation with a real woman, no orgasm. Healthy?


Hey everyone,

Starting into the third week of my reboot now.  No porn, no porn substitutes, and I barely ever even touch my penis.  I'm super optimistic although I'm still dreading the flatline.  My penis and my whole reproduction/hormonal system seems to already be going through drastic changes. 

My dick is definitely a lot smaller on average and there are some times that it feel like it might just disappear all together.  It's very scary but I'm assuming that is normal..  My attitude is still good though and I seem to have a lot of libido when I'm with my girlfriend.

Anyway, the last time I was with my girlfriend in bed I was super turned on and everything but we didn't have sex.  The next day my penis and testicles were super sore and felt like they were about to explode and yet that was when I couldn't get it up whatsoever.  That was when I realized I had PIED.  I started the reboot immediately after that although I jerked off that day because I had to take that pain in my balls away, which it did.  From what I've read it seems to be a good idea to keep yourself from having orgasms for a while during the recovery, even if it's with a real person.  Is there such a thing as blue balls or was it just a symptom of my porn addiction? 

Last night I was making out with my girlfriend and I was well-aroused.  In fact, not only was I hard but there was a lot of 'leakage'.  A little later during the drive home I kept getting these weird shooting sensations that felt like they were coming from my prostate and then all the way through to the end of my penis.  It wasn't really painful, but very uncomfortable and it felt as though my body was trying to force something out.  Sometimes I actually get this feeling just randomly at other times too, even when I haven't had any sexual stimulation. 

So this got me thinking, is it healthy not to be having orgasms at least once in a while?  I suppose it's possible lots of men, before porn and porn addiction, would go through long periods without having orgasms?  So is it just that my body is used to coming every single day?  Or is it actually unhealthy to be holding back?  I'm more than likely going to have some intimate time with my girlfriend in a couple weeks from now.  I really need to know the best way to go about that.  I want to try to not have an orgasm but I also don't want to have a lot of pain in my balls for days after.

Any thoughts?

Jimmy James

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There is nothing unhealthy about no orgasm.

Are you sure you are not looking for an excuse to MO? 

There is nothing wrong with MO, but it can't sometime trigger PMO.  Be careful.


I really do not want to MO.  At this point I have little to no urges to do so.  The only thing that is a little hard for me right now is not fantasizing about my my girlfriend and other women that I see.

I am truly just a little worried about what my body is doing and if it is normal.  It seems a little ridiculous to me too that someone would need to have orgasms routinely in order to have a healthy reproductive system, but I'm no sex expert and this is all uncharted territory for me.

Thanks for your confirmation.  Any others have some information on this?
Hey man, I can relate to what you're saying, I also have been experiencing general discomfort and other symptoms in that area since giving up PMO, I am still Oing with my partner though which tends to release the pent up ' pressure '. I dunno if it is causing set backs though.
I read many times in the past though that O or M'ing for an O is supposed to be healthy in order to flush the system. I guess this is the role of wet dreams during abstinence. Unfortunately I don't really get wet dreams even though I often have sexual dreams.
Think about Mormans for a minute. They dont have sex or masturbate until
marriage. They have no issues reproducing as far as im concerned. I know a morman family with many children


While i have a gf i will let her MO me. I think the key is keeping away from porn but to waste real sex is a wated by itself lol. Thats my oppinion. A lot of users say that hard mode is the fastest option and i agree but i think if you have gf who you can have real sex its completly worth and it shoulnd to extend so much the process at all
Btw i visited time ago an urologisc who told me "if u get stimulated. End it! If you dont do this you can have prostate problems in a near future..." So my recom is: not to overextend the stimulus. If you got a heavy wood by physical stimulation for a while let yourself to cum like a pig. Fml idk how many years ive been doing the opposite.. I assume gonna have prost problems in future.. I hold not.

Grettings and notice me if i made a grsmatical mistake writting plz cause im not english.