I feel like superman


It has been 66 days of hard mode and i feel like i badly need to fuck a girl. I haven't felt this horny in my life. Should i have sex with my gf. Any suggestions????

Jimmy James

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There should be never be a problem with sex with a partner to whom you are emotionally connected as long as there is no porn fantasy in your head.  Beware of potential chaser effects that might trigger a desire to masturbate or view porn afterwards.  Plan accordingly to prevent a relapse.

I assume your GF is aware of your reboot since you have been in hard mode for 67 days now.  Hopefully she wants you as much as you want her.  You both need to be aware that rebooting is non-linear and not every sexual encounter will be the same.  You might experience premature ejaculation this time and delayed ejaculation the next time.  You might have varying degrees of erection. As long as she is supportive of your reboot and understands that any performance issues are not about her and you don't allow that to cause anxiety, you should be able to do a lot rewiring together whether or not it involves intercourse.


Get on it!  It will help rewire your  brain to a person.  Just make sure you're committed and she's understanding IF there are problems during sex.  Also, like the other poster said, beware that having an O can make you want it even more and lead you to looking at porn.  I'd say go for it.
I agree with what everyone has said so far.

There are people that swear by the hard 90 rule but if you're feeling like superman, it might be a good enough reason to break the rule. Everyone is different after all.