Has any on did this???


My first question is has anyone cured his porn related problem just by rebooting? Another question that i wanted to ask is, when i was in my early days of reboot i was able to get it hard just by touching without any porn fantasy. My when i completed my 90 days hard mode i was not able to get it hard by touch. I read visited on ybop and checked about this, one of our brother in his comment told that he also has the same thing i.e. He do not get turned on by his hand as it used to before reboot but he can have a rock hard while having sex. Has anyone noticed this before???


It is called a "flatline". I am on 2 week now and this is the only thing I'm really waiting for the most.
If you want to REBOOT your brain, you have to give your dick some ZZZZZzzz..sleep(flatline).
You just have to understand that your brain is damaged by porn. Don't touch it, because you
associate pleasure with your hand/porn and some other weird shit not from reality. When you find a girl you will be surprised how easy it is to get hard just by letting her touch you, or kiss you. Just be happy know, because not everybody can achieve 90 days on hardmode. I hope I will be like you soon.

Jimmy James

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Yes, many people recover from their porn related problems by rebooting.

I don't try to get hard by using my hand.  That means nothing. I get rock hard when I am naked with my wife. Sometimes I get hard while we are just making out.  Sometimes it does not happen until we get our clothes off.  But that is all that matters.

You goal is to have real sex with a real person, not just get hard with your own hand isn't it?


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Jimmy "the james meister" james said it all.
The goal is to get erections with those whom you love and have genuine affection for. This can only be achieved through a reboot.