With Each Failure Brings New Wisdom - Mission Reboot


Reporting in.

I'm officially at my 2 week mark. Day 14 was very easy. However I'd like to point out that day 13 was absolutely atrocious. I have no idea how I didn't relapse. I spent a long time watching P and edging to it, I can't believe I managed to tell myself STOP. It was not a good day. I did NOT have an orgasm. But I did feel quite sore. I'm using that experience as a reminder what happens when I edge, especially to P. It's not a good feeling at all. Plus the next day I wasn't as responsive as I was before I did it.

So day 15 I intend on passing with flying colors - half way through it and so far there's no urges. I don't think there will be any after my experience on day 13.

Going to keep fighting this until the urges slowly disappear completely... I'm looking for the time when I feel no "need" to watch P, to edge, to do anything. I remember back on my 90 day streak that time eventually came when I wasn't even thinking about my reboot. I'm waiting for that again - and it'll help me rack up the days.

Keep fighting....