Morning wood and spontaneous erections..



During my initial flatline phase when I first quit all porn and PMO, yes I did eventually start to get morning wood. The erections didn't last for long and were not usually a sexual thing. Just a normal body function coming back.


I haven't been. I'm still new to this, but I get spontaneous erections and morning wood when I am not in flatline.

Regardless, MW is a great sign.


I get morning wood regularly and i also get spontaneous erection 2 to 3 times a day( but only while i am laying down) but still dont have any craving to have sex with opposite sex.


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Yeah got the occasional morning stiffy during flatline, but never any pop-up-out-of-nowhere erections. Everyones body is different (and sexy). 
Hi, I'm 6 weeks porn free now, and still in a flatline but I too have noticed that my MW is starting to come back which is great, I admit I'm frustrated I can't maintain an erection for very long but I have to hang in there and know it will come back with time.