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I am not a journal keeping kind of guy nor do I normally respond to forums, but I came across the topic of PIED on youtube a few days ago and it was the first time that I had heard of such a thing so I thought I should write and accept the challenge. I am a 43 year old fit guy. I have been married for 10 years to a wonderful wife. I have been struggling with ED on and off for about 15 years. I have been addicted to PMO for about 30 years. I stopped masturbating to porn about 6 months ago, more out of guilt than anything else. After reading all about PIED for the last few days I am convinced that I suffer from this. To go along with the ED when and if it does get up I also suffer from premature ejaculation. This has been happening since I started PMO 30 years ago. I wonder if this is related to my PIED? Anyways even though I have stopped with the porn, I still have struggled with ED. I am guessing that I have now substituted porn with movies that have nudity or sex scenes or even leering at beautiful women in public and looking at them as sex objects. I wonder if this has continued to wreck my brain for erections? Anyways I hope to continue my reboot that started yesterday and reach my goal of actually curing my ED so that I can perform more often for my wife. I welcome all suggestions and will continue to read about other peoples experiences with this.