Wet dream or Masterbation in sleep!! did i relapse? Plz help

i was chronic addict of M from 20 years and having ED from 10 years . Started rebooting and its my 210th day. Last night i had wet dreams but initially i triggered by a horny dream and during ejaculation time i woke up and realized i was in prone masterbation type  means  face down and sleeping .though nothing was intensional
After that i did not sleep only did i relapse? i have to restart?


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No. Bro - nothing that you cannot consciously control could ever count as relapse.

Wet dreams are OK. - it means your brain needs that and triggers action. You should not be concerned.
ok i never watched porn and prone style of masterbation is reason for all these mess in my life so i stopped it, but according to healthstrokes.com its nessesary to continue M with other style....do u have any information?