Question about being with a partner.

As I stated yesterday in my question about video chatting, I am going to be meeting up with a long time friend in June. We are very close and are intensely sexually attracted to one another. Now doing research and reading people journals, most people say sex with a partner is helpful and generally necessary. My issue is at that time, I will only have been rebooting for a little over a month and am wondering if sex would be detrimental to my reboot at that point or helpful. Should orgasm be avoided? Though I know I may be in a flat line by that point anyway so sex may not even be an option at that point. Just wanted to get some opinions and personal experiences.
I'm sure you can have sex no problem. Some say orgasm would hurt your reboot, but sometimes you just have to let it happen if you really care about that girl, she'll feel better about herself knowing she could make you cum. In case she wants a marathon and you're not up for that, just tell her it was your first time so your body's not used to long sessions yet or you can tell her the truth.
Don't worry too much, dont let performance anxiety get in the way
She knows everything already, I told her all about my reboot and she is incredibly supportive. So I think I won't focus on any one thing or goal with this encounter, and just go with the flow. She isn't going to be upset if I don't orgasm, or don't get hard or anything like that. Whether we just cuddle and kiss and what not, or if we have full blown sex I'll just let it happen. I won't force orgasm or use self stimulation to make penetration possible if its not. Just relax and enjoy each other, what ever that may entail.


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You can also please her to orgasm for fun as well.  It doesn't have to be all about your orgasm and erection for you to have fun.

My husband and I had sex daily during the reboot with some PIED.  It did take longer for him to reboot but as long as he/you are staying away from porn (and not fantasizing about it during sex) your brain will heal.  I think sex after a month of abstinence is fine.  I think the rewiring to loving touch is essential for healing.