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Around a month ago, if you told me, I would have had one seven day stretch without pornography, relapse a few times for a week, but get back on the bandwagon and got 18 days without porn - I'd probably have told you that you were nuts, and that I was probably taking pornography to my grave!!!

Well, today, that is my message - and I want people to know how much my life has changed for being porn free.

During my porn induced rabbit hole trip, I was constantly angry with my girlfriend, unmotivated, I hated the last job so much, I thought of walking in front of a bus to never hear another caller, and I was unable to work on my game level to get me out of the rutt, depressed, unfeeling, and absolutely dead inside. Not to mention, 60-80 per cent of the time, I was not able to orgasm during sex - and the worst thing about this - I was suffering alone!

Over the last four weeks, things have changed!!!

The smile my girlfriend use to have when we were getting to know each other has shown up on her face so much! I don't mind the job I am working at - I work at a factory, so the physical exercise is awesome at helping me and my dopamine receptors! I feel lots of energy! While my girlfriend and I have had sex a couple of times, and I didn't orgasm either way, I am confident that it will happen! And I have not suffered alone anymore - my girlfriend knows, my girlfriend's mom knows too, and there is everybody in the reboot nation that I can talk too as well! You guys rock!

Now, you may have asked yourself, what about this game level he mentioned he never seemed to work on! Well, I am definitely working on it but I at a small place of decision making on it. Generally speaking, if I told video game makers about the idea I have, they tend to stick to things they feel comfortable with. That's why we get Assassins Creed xyz, or Dragon Age xxl. . . They don't like taking chances because it might not sell. The question I have is, do I try to market my idea to the big studios and see if they would work with me, because my game has a great scope, or do I go independent so my vision doesn't get compromised. I'm kinda leaning on the second one right now - being the artist and person that I am.

With the amount of men getting out of the old ruts of pmo, I know there has to be lots of people have backgrounds in game design like me - especially in the younger generation!

Here's why I am mentioning this here.

My game takes place in a comic book super hero universe that I started to create in 2004. The beginning of the game starts off in a funeral home. Sam, one of the friends of the main protagonist - Kurall, has died of 4 strokes after taking a drug called Rapture 4 times. Sam had an issue with pornography in his teens, and was introduced to Rapture which escalated his addiction. Rapture creates a hallucination of having sex with a girl. Once he had it once, he started to seek the experience more and more, to the point he did something dangerous because he needed more and more time and more and more variety - he took four pills at once to have a 'virtual orgy' in his head. He died as a result.

Kurall uses his gift, his super power, and sees the member of the Devil's Mayhem Biker Gang who sold him the four pills of rapture, and seeks justice/revenge with his friend Hiroku. As a player you have the ability to make Heroic or Anti-Heroic decisions.

After destroying the Rapture Lab and taking care of the drug dealer ends the first part of the prologue - which is called Kurall in Weeping and Joy.

After this gets back to Evil Jerk, the leader of the Devil's Mayhem Biker Gang, he is pissed. He wants to make the people in Little Asia pay (because that is where the drug lab was), and he sends Death Biker and a couple of hundred bikers to cause a riot in the area. Kurall and his friend have to deal with the riot, and defeat Death Biker, an insane undead assassin.

That ends the second part of the prologue - which is called Kurall in From the Sweat of my Brow.

The third part of the prologue is where the story turns even darker.

After Kurall gets home, he is contacted by PA, a soldier from the future who will become Kurall's mentor. PA sends him a link to a connective net website cant:// - similar to the website we are all very familiar with, and it talks about the links of pornography and rapture and what these do to men's minds. Kurall realizes how this was one big escalation for Sam from the day he meet him, and see's why Sam did what he did. He was on a constant search for new and more novel things!!!

PA sends another email right after, asking Kurall and Hiroku to meet up with him at a certain location. The location is a government lab.

Every once and a while, there are advertisements of jobs for telepaths. Men come to be interviewed, and they are told they will get back to them. Women, on the other hand, are remotely drugged, taken from that building to one of five government labs, placed in one of the capsules and put on IV, where they are kept in a perpetual unconscious state, and half of the Rapture drug is placed in their system, so that they will have an enhanced connection with the people who take the other half of the drug. They are forced to have telepathic sex with dozens, even hundreds of guys at a time!

When Kurall and Hiroku see what they have caused, they break down crying. Where once they were blind, they now see!

They have to fight the leader of the complex, who is one of the Illuminates, or as PA calls them, the Betrayers who is named the Master of Lust. He created pornography and Rapture to control the gifted. The Betrayers hate and are threatened by people with gifts like Kurall, because they are almost uncontrollable. By creating a world filled with pornography and Rapture, he will make it hard for young gifted men to have relationships, get married, have children and as a result he controls their population!

After the Battle, Kurall and his companions free the young women from the enslavement they were put under - with help from allies of PA.

And so ends the third part of the prologue - Kurall in I Was Once Blind, but Now I See.

After that, credits would go down the screen, where I would definitely advertise and while giving the stark stats of how porn is affecting young people today!

I was wondering, how many of you are interested in working with me on this!
This kind of game will be played by the audience we want to target our message too.