I have PIED and looking forward to this rebooting


hello everyone, found this site from Gabe videos on youtube i think this is so brilliant to help us find the solution to the ED problems were are experiencing. i have had PIED for about 2 years now. i was a porn addict. would watch it 1-2 times daily. masturbate about 3-4 times daily..im currently dating the love of my life,  we started getting intimate and i would have ED whenever we got deeply intimate

i didn't know whether it was me but i knew i was very attracted to my gf. i knew it probably had something to do with my addiction. then i went to google to look for some answers and Gabe Deem videos cross paths and i want to thank you man for all the answers i was looking for. i never realized how much Porn was damaging my life! and Masturbation is just as worse..I feel a lot better knowing that my current PIED problem can be healed!  :) just started the nofap/rebooting journey. i would say the no P is not that difficult for me, but M i know will be even more difficult. Hope my brain will be rebooted and rewired and get back to normal for the sake of my future. i will definitely keep ya'll posted. glad to see that a lot of fellas is on the verge to rebooting and creating a better life style for us all. good luck to everyone!


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You're lucky you found this site so soon :) I went through a 4 year relationship that'd probably get me cured fully, if I knew what the problem was. Good luck with The Girl, I am too dating my long Love for a few months now ;)