My Journey to Recovery - The One

The One

Day 67/

Even thinking about sex is mentally exhausting to me.
Gives me headaches.
I never used to get headaches.
I feel broken.
Looking back, i think I masturbated with death-grip. I dunno. Well fuck. Great.
I feel hopeless. This is unfair.
Hung out with 2 friends today. They are both in relationships and thats all they talked about, was their relationships.
Shut up.
Let's go deeper in the void folks!


Push through all the sh*t ;) You'll get to the light at the other end of the tunnel eventually. Don't lose hope.


One thing ....reboot is not takes time to reboot completely..
Also you can start taking zma ..that replinshes zinc in your body which helps to get erections...
I would be using it with my reboot but won't be masturbating..

Also you can try some yoga asans for increasing libido..just Google..I would be using them after a while

I need to actually discuss zma...would it not affect my rebooting .



The One

Day 73/

Hey all, its been a while.

Since my last post I have had 2 anxiety attacks. My morning woods have been whatever. For some reason i think my penis is looking good when flacid.

I actually have a date tonight in about an hour. Cool.

I worry alot that I will never get better. I just started University classes again and i feel normal for the first time in a long time since the withdrawl symptoms. Mass amounts of social time will be good for me.

I plan on seeing a sex therapist and a urologist soon. Whatever works. I wanna be cured so bad.

I am actually going to be opening an account on and continuing my journaling from there. I just feel more inspiration and support from that website at this time and I need to set up an account there. I will continue operating this account but less frequent.

Dear God, please let me have a normal sex drive and sexual funcioning of a normal 21 year old. Please. Amen.

Onwards I guess.

"If your going through hell, keep going" - Winston Churchill.

I wish everyone here struggling the very best,, and a virtual hug. I know this proccess sucks flacid dick.