Flat Line. What's typical???

Hello fellow rebooters. I'm only about 13 days into my reboot journey but overall I'm feeling great about the progress and I'm excited to start this healthier phase in my life. I have questions about flat line though. Can someone who's been through it give me a general time line for the flat line? Is it typically gone after the 90 days? I wasn't expecting to experience it at only two weeks in, but maybe that's normal? Any opinions from people who have been through it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



I've never been completely through it, but I know the length of the flatline varies as much as there're rebooters so there's no straight answer to this. Some are recovered within 90 days, some take longer. In my 113 day abstinence I never had a real HC flatline: occasional morning wood and some little spontaneous erections here and there but otherwise my penis and libido felt completely dead, so it really varies with people.

EDIT: Also some days you might feel horny and some days you just feel completely asexual. But at least on the bright side that means less interest to watch P :)

BTW have you read this?


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It's different for everyone so don't worry about other guys' experience too much. Mine started about Day 10 and lasted until about Day 45. I still have periods of flatline even after 9 months. Sometimes I get it for four or five days after an orgasm, before I emerge from it. Basically it's feeling very nonsexual. Your dick is lifeless and during my initial long flatline, my penis literally seemed to shrink is size and just hung there like lifeless skin. It was very weird and I could see how if you didn't know it was a flatline you'd freak out and start PMOing again just to get your dick 'back'. But smart Reboot Nationers know what's up. You just have to 'enjoy' your reboot because at least it takes your mind off sex and it also means your brain is beginning to change--which is crucial to ending PIED.


Everyone's circumstances are unique and different, so don't worry about it. Just trust in the process, however long it takes.

I flatlined the second day. The reason I did that is I believe I have been in flatline for a long time even while I was PMOing. The PMO just disguised the fact that I was already flatlining. But I continued to PMO with weak erections and most of the time I had no desire and didn't even fee horny yet I still PMO'd because it was habit, i was bored, lonely and needed a hit to medicate my emotions.



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This is what I feel about the flatline....

I suggest you LOOK FORWARD TO FLATLINES.  ENJOY THEM.  When your dick is "dead" when it stops working, it's SO MUCH EASIER TO AVOID PORN! 

There will be times when you are hard all the time, this is when its very hard to avoid porn. 

Enjoy the Flatline, don't "test your dick" to see if it works.  The flatline is VERY COMMON and pretty much happens to everyone.  Don't test.  It will come, it will eventually leave.  Use the flatline as time to focus on things besides this reboot.  Focus on your life and things you've been neglecting. 

Flatline scared the crap out of me until I took this perspective.  There were a few flatlines during my reboot.  The later ones I just enjoyed.. I was like YES I'm not horny anymore, so much easier to avoid porn!


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Yeah as pr3c1se said: enjoy them! The way i saw it was that given all of the bullshit that my addiction to porn caused me, i was glad to see my cock dead. Just let it hang there.
When it feels like cooperating again it will wake up, and maybe this time it wont control you as much. Its sort of like the legend of Jesus, in a way. Let it die and rest for a while, then it will rise again from the dead! Stronger and more powerful than ever with a thirst for sex!
Anyway, enjoy it!