**The Basics Of Rebooting**


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So Im a 35 old guy who on recently starting a new relationship have had performance problems the two time we met. I think at first this was due to having been desensitised by porn but has now become something more. Im now not able to achieve erection even on my own with porn. The last time I did was using 50mg of viagra which did allow me to climax twice but with it there isnt even a twith in my dick.    Will a reboot still help me



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I'm a 44 year old straight male. I was molested at age 14 and led into a cultish relationship that lasted for many years. During those decades, my sexual refuge was porn. After My molester died, I began seeking sex and/or relationship with women. But my first encounters were frighteningly limp. I could get rock hard and cum multiple times a day looking at porn (my favorite was women masturbating and lesbian/group female orgy or mssturbation), but was sadly impotent with a real woman.
Seeking answers, I discovered nofap and yourbrainonporn. Not long after that, I met a girl through match.com and we hit it off.the first time we tried to have sex, I was hard when we were.making out on the couch, but when it was time to get naked and do it, I became terrified and shriveled up to tiny proportions. I told her I was nervous because it had been a while. I didn't tell her I was a virgin. She was very patient and supportive. Later we made out again on the couch, and this time I pulled my hard dick and masturbated to orgasm while French kissing her.
For a few weeks, that was the only way I could orgasm with her. Then after a while I had succes with her giving me a hand job. Then a few weeks later, blow jobs were successful. About 3 months in, I finally lost my virginity to her.
It wasn't smooth sailing after that, though. We would have major setbacks when I would relapse. Couldn't do it, and/or I would look at porn again. It was very stressful for both of us, she felt like I didn't find her attractive, or I was,seeing someone else. Finally I confessed about my prior virginity, which actually was a huge relief for her. A few months after that , I told her about the molestation, which she had suspected all along. After those breakthroughs, and couples therapy, our sex life is 1000% better than a year ago.
What worked for me:
- Avoiding masturbating
- having a supportive and understanding (and horny) girlfriend
- being open and honest with her, telling her about my crippling insecurities and past trauma
- Cycling weekly between Korean red panax ginseng and horny goat weed
- Avoiding porn, though sometimes it seems like it can kick start my sex drive if used few and far between. Sustained porn use is definitely bad.

I.still have a problem with touching my dick constantly. I feel like if I can control or eliminate that, then my sexual powers would improve even more than they already have. I also still relapse I to porn occasionally, but I don't orgasm alone.


Do you have any more information about "some guys made need to orgasm in order to "jump-start" their brain? I feel like that's me, but some times I've tried to "jump start" my brain as you put it, but it through me back into flatline. It's very difficult to know when to try to jump-start if at all.

So if you have any more info or general guidance, I would greatly appreciate =)


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Hello everybody. I would like to share my problem with you. I know that most of you have the same thing and I hope all of us will be rebooted soon. However, I'm 18. I study in university and uni live is all about having sex, hangout with the girls and etc. But now I'm really scared of the fact that I can skip all of this because I have started to masturbate from the age of 14. For all this time I was hunting for porn with dirtier content and after few fails with my sexual partner I feel so bad. What if my mind have been programmed in that way and I won't be able to change it? And the problem is that all members of this forum is the only people I can trust at the moment, because I'm not quite sure how my friends will react on that. If somebody knows what time it usually takes to reboot or any ways I can speed up the rebooting I will be happy to read your comments.

Thank you for the creators of this web page for giving me such an opportunity to share this problem with others without being judged. 
Tomorrow (1/23/19) marks my first 30 days with no porn watching. I had sex with a real female on 1/20/19 and it kinda got up but when i was trying to have sex with it started to go limp and did some more forplay and it kinda got up again but when i stick it in it started to go limp again. I had her jerk me and i got hard and almost climax so i stop her and tried to stick it in again and no effect so im asking am i starting to make some progress on this addiction? What are some advice i can get i would really appericate it. I was addicted for 14 years and 2019 is going strong so far to beat this addiction. Do i just not need to orgasm at all or can i continue to have sex with a real person or no sex at all?


Thanks for providing the information. In our society even talking about PMO and its side effects is kind of forbidden. There is nodoby to talk about this addiction. But once I said about PMO to a person., but he said its the hormone thats responsible,, find something to do other than PMO. Thats an advise. but at my stage of addiction the advice was inadequate. This time I am committed to recovery process. read, learn many things from different sources. 


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Hey guys, how are you? I'm a 19 years old brazilian guy. Sorry if I make mistakes in english, I'm improving it the best I can! So a year ago I started to have problems with ED, when it starts I thought I'd low testoterone and sometimes that I was turning homossexual (what isn't a problem but I really like womens). I was watching porn and masturbating like crazy but I didn't know about the effects of it in the brain... Three weeks ago I read YBOP and recognize that porn was my problem so I totally cut it of my life. I still masturbating but without porn and porn thoughts, just thinking about my lasts real sex experiences, but the question is: should I stop masturbating too?
If anyone can helps my I appreciate a lot!


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Hello everyone. I am aged 30, height 5 ft 11 inches. I cannot use my real name as this is a sensitive topic. I have been watching porn and masturbation for almost a very large portion of my life. My morning wood has disappeared, and my erections are very few. I came across this website while looking up material for help on youtube. I have completed stopped watching pornography, quit smoking and masturbation. Do I need professional medical advise? I believe most doctors say that masturbation is not harmful however I do not believe in this as I have personally experienced harm from the side effects. How many months will it take me to recover? Please advise. For reference my mail is bhagat325 at gmail. Many thanks in advance.


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Tengo 29 a?os y hoy le? todo esto que escriben y creo que me esta pasando hace un par de meses intente estar con una chica y no pude , pero cuando vi pornograf?a , me dieron ganas y pude estar con ella me empec? a preocupar , pero no pense pens? que fuese grave , ahora leo esto y es lo mismito que me esta pasando , creo que es una se?al de Dios que encontrar? esta p?gina espero poder salir de esto .