3 days clean what now?


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Hey guys, in the Summer i had 5 Differenz sexual encounters all of which Ended with me having ED! I was starting to panik more and more as i had no idea why that was Happening to me! After some Research i came to the conclusion that it has to be PIED as i cant Even Masturbate without watching porn! On Monday i Started my First reboot and i am shocked! I cant stopp thinking about porn i cant sleep, concentrate i am shaking.. I cant believe i am srsly addicted without me ever realising! I am so embarrased i cant Talk to anyone so i post here! Did u guys Talk to Ur Friends about it? How Long did it take you to get over the Symptoms? Any tipps on how to Stay strong? I have a party coming up tommorrow and there will be a Girl wanting to have sex.. I am so anxious what shall i do? Is it good to get it on with a Real Girl That soon? I am pretty sure i wont get hard :/! Any tipps or links on how i can plan and start my reboot most efficiently? Any reply is welcome i feel really desperate right now

Thx to all


3 days clean? are you for real?  ;D

you can say it to your friends, first thing i did after having PIED is i posted it on facebook. i literally said i had sex after a long time and couldnt get it up. people dont really care and holding it up inside you will do you no good. i also discovered that people around actually dont do PMO 3+ times a day as i was absolutely sure about. i even scared one friend, he stopped watching porn, but he wasnt into it nearly as me... so you can even help prevent some PIEDs if you let them know. i wish i heard about PIED before i had it.

yeah shaking, insomnia, loose concentration.. i remember having worst fever symptoms in my life, i ended up checking myself in the hospital. it can get really physical if you are hardcore addict.

dont PMO and MO ever again and you are good after 1-2 years with good and bad periods in between.

what happened at the party, did you had a good time??  :D