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I am 32 years old, i have been watching porn since i was probably 15. The real addiction probably started when i started university and got access to high speed internet and more and more content.

I am completely unable to control myself even if know i have to. I have no self-control whatsoever. Even as i type this, i am thinking about porn.

This is really affecting my life now more than ever before. I recently got married and mhy wife and I do not have sex. I've notice that i have no motivation to do anything anymore. I used to be a very driven person and now the only thing that drives me is porn.

Please help me escape this vicious circle.


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Hi Guys,

I find that for me simply looking at women when i walk on the street is a strong enough trigger for me to seek PMO. In fact it is the trigger 95% of the time and quite frankly almost any woman will do.

I just wanted to know whether any of you have the same trigger and whether you have any tips / ideas on how to deal with this?



Thanks for your post. Ye no more two minute wouldn't give a heroin addict a little bit of heroin would you? or a smoker a couple of pulls on a cig? :)
As for your trigger of seeing women in the street, this trigger is always going to be there. My thoughts are you just need to accept this and get used to it. Instead of perving I just think "i wonder what she is like?". Its just a women, although very hot. they are supposed to be attractive and you are supposed to find them attractive. Its natural. Imaging walking down the street avoiding eye contact with people you walk past.. not gonna be good for your confidence. What does it say about your self when you avoid certain situations? Better take the bull by the horns I say. Whats not natural is staring at a monitor PMOing. I think suppressing your sexuality by avoiding looking or interacting with attractive women is pretty much impossible and would make looking at porn (in my opinion) more precious.....which it is not.