Choosing to grow up


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Hello everyone,

I am 33 and I used porn for about 15 years (though I was exposed to it earlier). I gradually became aware in the past months that the influence of porn on my brain cannot be neglected. I saw few of the videos about ED and other symptoms of porn addiction, and I decided to put an end to it. I am a bit worried about my self control. In the past I did try to put an end to it, though I didn't know back then how much it is influencing me and my sexuality. Now that I got ED several times it cannot be neglected anymore. I have so many reasons to stop it. I think it is time to grow up and put porn behind me.

I hope to be able to post here every day, though I am not sure I will remember it. It is my first week of abstaining from porn. So I wish myself a good luck on this new way..
I wish you good luck as well. I'm on the same journey and it's a bumpy one. The benefits I've felt for the past few days are a good sign though, so I think it's worth it.

Good luck again.