Walking out of the darkness


Hello my name is Jason and I just wanted to say thank you to everybody involved in this undertaking of helping us men walk out of the darkness of pornography.  I am new to the forum and I discovered this site after a night of viewing porn once again.  It is a godsend to discover a community of courageous men that are willing to take this fierce dragon head on and laugh as it rains down fire on our shields of recovery!  Thus my success story is entering into this reboot nation community.  Tears well up in my eyes as I write this many, many thanks to you all for your epic heroism.  Jason


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Also Just registered yesterday, this is day two for me as well. Hopefully we can overcome our addictions by helping each other fight the good fight :)


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Although I am not new to this forum, I want to welcome all of you.
As you can see you're not alone and that this is a real problem many are
going through.
It's good to have an outlet to address the issues and support one another.
Sharing is caring so keep sharing your story and continue to read the journals.
It's inspiring.


Great to hear Jason!  I am new here too.  It is a mixture of pain and joy to finally admit the problem is real... I'm here on the journey with you! Peace to you on your way!


Jason:  You cannot do this alone and you have come to the realization of that.  You can read part of my story at "it's never too late".  There is a lot of junk there but I am making some progress.

Good luck and keep me posted.  My e-mail is [email protected]