My Tips to you :)

I commend you all and your efforts to go 1 day and beyond. A truly gallant effort :)

You are all Warriors and will keep fighting on regardless!

1. Love your-self mentally (don't throw flowers I mean) just understand you are only human and will make mistakes that YOU WILL correct :) 2. Write down your thoughts -Good and Bad-(I know you are intelligent from the way you write) so write your thoughts and read them over to your-self in the morning and at night before you go to bed. 3. Respect woman and don't see them as meat or flesh.... learn to look them in their eyes when TALKING to them and try to keep the sexual thoughts away. If you do this you will find not only will you respect them as humans but your self also. 4. Get/gather new hobbies or pursue old ones (Cook,play an instrument, read a book, take up cycling, gym, basketball etc) 5. Put down the last time you masturbated on a calender so you have the last date but forget how long you have gone if you can (this way you are not wrecking your own head counting days and it soon becomes apparent when you don't know and are getting on with your days regardless you are becoming free of them mental chains which inevitably becomes a greater habit :) 6. Try to eat the right foods 7. Try to do 20-30 minutes exercise at night preferably just before you go to bed making sure you have at least a head shower after.... It really is invigorating. 8. A nice cold glass of water and a few prays (you don't have to be religious or holy) :) 9. Finally and definitely one of my favorites............. LAUGH, just laugh at least a few times a day it can be at your-self or life in general  :)

Much Love and Respect