Anybody had experience with Pycnogenol + L-Arginine?

Hi guys,
Im doing my reboot, currently on day 50 but still I have no libido and also I cannot say with confidence that the morning wood has started(had in a couple of occasions some days ago but very week).

I did some research online and I discovered that there is a thing called L-Arginine and another thing called Pycnogenol which are both natural and when mixed together seem to be effective in curing any type of ED(This is what some study revealed according to the internet...).

Today I got them and I started to take them together, in the following dosage:
1500mg L-Arginine & 30 mg Pycnogenol(3 times a day)

Has anybody tried this before? Any thoughts about it?


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The L+Arginine is primarily used by athletes...I take that 2x a day on lifting days. It does give me a "pump" but has zero effect on libido/Erections. When I say "pump" I'm referring to tighter muscles after reps and veins showing I've had zero luck with any of these "cocktails". Let us know how your results are going.


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I did try l arginine for a few weeks. It does give you seemingly bigger muscles after a workout. Unlike pearland71 l arginine had a big effect on my erections. They came easier and remained longer. However once I stopped taking the supplement the effect was gone within a few days.

So it's a useful boost for rewiring rebooters but useless as a long term solution. I would argue it is a pricey supplement but it seems you already have it. It's use as ED supplement is awkward; you need to take it at least for a week or more to have an effect and the effect disappears after a few days of not taking it anymore. Also easier erections can mean bigger risk of relapsing so watch out.

I can't say anything about pycnogenol. I never tried it.


I have tried the L-Arginine with limited effect but I cannot say that there was nothing happening.  However I read that L-Citrulline was more effective at increasing L-Arginine levels which help with nitric oxide as does Pycogenol. 


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My husband did this and many other things.  The only thing he had success with and noticed a difference with, myself included, was giving up coffee.
Thanks for all the answers so far. Few comments

Thanks for your answer, I found it useful. I will try it for a bit until I finish what I bought. I will be careful I hope I will manage to abstain from PMO. Do you mind I ask you a couple of questions?:
- About libido, I think I am in flatline for some time already but Im very curious, what could help with the Libido, if the arginine and the pyclogenol dont?
- The other question is about the dosage. You think my dose is not enough? What should be the dose?

No clue about ecitruline, for now I think I will try the arginine for sometime, lets see how it goes.

Very interesting, in my case I never drink coffee and I actually thought  to start. I don't know why I heard that the cafeine improves the neuroplasticity in the brain which is important for rewiring.


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I currently take Nature's Bounty 1000MG 2x on gym days. Diesel stated positive results so I would ask him. Libido is a hormone/mental urge (IMO). I don't believe there is a pill that can fix that. I'm 44 and had my T checked last month. It was normal. Working out is key. Legs and HITT. Sprints, Squats. Dead Lifts.....These will jump start your T production as your body needs it to recover. I know I always seem to ramble all over the place so forgive me. I'm working and people keep walking in my office.  8)

I hope this helps.