What's the difference between Reboot Nation and yourbrainrebalanced?


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I would like to know why two parallel forums exist for the same purpose.
Is this due to historical reasons or there is some differences between them?
I have started my journal here, but I notice that many people are active on both forums.
Thanks :)

Gabe Deem

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Reboot Nation is the website and support community for my YouTube channel The Reboot Nation. It is a slightly different approach than YBR. Our two focuses are on 1) educating all of our members with the science behind neuroplasticity and addiction, and 2) raising awareness to the issue through public speaking/media/assemblies among other things.

RebootNation.org will also serve as a news site for all things concerning porn addiction and rebooting, and a very supportive community for addicts/rebooters and their partners.

Yourbrainrebalanced will remain a great place for people to get support and share advice and will be linked to from our site as another option for getting help.

Reboot Nation is closely moderated, and does not allow personal attacks, period. Something YBR struggled with, which was a contributing factor in creating RN.

Welcome to Reboot Nation and feel free to ask questions, share your story, and we hope you find the support and information you need to reboot your brain and live life to the fullest!


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Thank you very much Gabe for your thorough answer!
I'm having a great time here and I really want to thank you for making this place possible.
I send you a lot of love.


Gabe Deem, you are the man, thank you for all your hard work!

Out of everything I read, and i read a shit load, you are by far the most relatable so thank you, thank you, thank you!

Keep fighting the good fight!


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Gabe, I'm sure many others are grateful for what you've done and doing in awareness and support for people who really need help, have stumbled across RN and now have the lights on to recovery.

There are so many others out there still oblivious to the potential effects/heartache. I believe that you have a big influence to this educational movement but with the technology and global access, this still needs to get into the minds of all educational systems, mass main stream media, doctors, medical, psychological industry, especially youth media channels, etc etc etc. If everyone in these forums does a little bit to spread the educational word, we can save many people (young & old) from tonnes of pain & heartache.

Thanks again Gabe!  Cheers and success to everyone!


A few thoughts on the topic:

I've been active on both websites.  Both are excellent, both full of great people, but RN has worked better for me.  The close monitoring must be making a difference.  On RN, comments, feedback and articles have a sharper focus.  The organization of the website also reflects the sharp focus. 

This is the only website, book or program I've encountered (and I've tried most if not all of them) that straight out calls rebooting The Hard 90.  No bullshit, no false hope, no glossing it over, none of that--instead, this will be hard, fucking hard, but get to it, and here's how.  I respect and need that kind of honesty. 

A year ago I lapsed and stop visiting RN.  I felt ashamed and unworthy after writing a strong statement about my motivation, but failing to live up to my own words.  Recently I returned to RN.  Over the past few weeks I've connected with the strongest support group I could ask for--supportive, smart, wise, compassionate, honest.  Genuine, inspiring.  I'm sure part of it is I'm ready to listen and keep at it and not run away if I lapse--and I've lapsed since coming back.  But it's not just me--it's the guys in this battle with me.  Brothers in arms, one calls us. And we are.


Both have I would say less than 5% people actually healed and successful the rest either guests, partners, or people still using porn and failing. Both forums are limited and IMO not good overall once you know the science, and should be avoided and minimally used until one heals writes there recovery story and leaves...besides a very select few on both sites that are successful and stay around. On RN: Gabe, William, Etc and the success from people like Supersonic and Fugu. On YBR: Reborn again, OU812, Other guys and Dominik etc but some are not on the forums and have left to actually live life. Even Gabe said in his latest video one of the key factors for successful people quitting porn addiction is SHOCK they are not on the forums / doing a hell of a lot of other new stuff in recovery.

90% + on both forums is complete garbage in terms of forum members posts and mind clutter. "Ad nauseam."



Ybr has recently employed new moderators, and they are doing an excellent job so far in dealing with personal attacks, trolling, sketchy ad posts, etc.