Warning for the heedful - Peeking can be disastrous


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I have a thread running in 30-39 subforum but I thought this warning will be pertinent here. I had successful sex on Friday night and had it successful the week before that as well. Now I started getting horny again yesterday and it got to a point where I thought I would just peek at some porn and not sit and watch videos. Well, I took a peek. Before I knew it I had gone from video to video and chosen 5 videos in about 5 minutes and was edging to one video for about 2 minutes. Then I came to my senses and quickly turned it off. I am not resetting my counter because I think it will be hard blow to me if I do because 5 minutes is, oh come on, 5 minutes. So the brain circuitry is strong regarding porn. But the next thing is what others should take note of.

Because I had realized what I was doing and left in the early stages, I was still horny. So I go to my girl for sex. And guess what? Where I was able to have good proper sex with a real boner on me, last night I was the same old limp dick. This means, that in MY case, especially, ANY artificial stimulation is setting me back seriously. Just 5 minutes and its a disaster. Need to take heed from this episode.

It is important to note that these 5 minutes of peeking came after 33 days of complete hard mode abstinence and they still became a disaster. So people should desist from peeking even if its for extremely short periods. Who knows what kind of circuitry might be getting rekindled and the rewiring with real people gets a setback.