Becoming less picky about the kinds of girls you'd date?


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I hear all the time that a huge benefit of rebooting is that regular girls look attractive again.

As an extension of this, , does a rebooted brain become less picky in its capacity to fall in love. One of the reasons I'm still single is because I always seemt o only like girls who don't like me back ( and that every other guy wants). There have been quite a few girls that wanted me but I just wasn't attracted to them. Of course this was in the midst of my porn addiction when I was in college, before I even knew about porn addiction and rebooting..

Although it's nice to gawk at hot girls, it sucks when you are never given their affection and you remember the girls who maybe weren't 10's but liked you for who you are and you could be comfortable around. But I just wasn't attracted to them, really... I wish I was and I am hoping I can widen my taste through rebooting - anyone can attest? Any thoughts on the matter?
Hi Pisces

I'm no expert in that matter but i have to agree that you'll find girls more attractive and find a connection that isn't so focused on appearances.
Porn morph the mind and when I was dating, a relapse would change my physically attractiveness to them almost straight away.

I would be less inclined to be nice, handle their shit and make conversation. Reason being I just felt hardly anything compared to when I was with
them porn free before. Guess what i'm saying is that you can't fall in love with something if you feel indifferent to them(which happened after I PMO, or
was feeling the effects of a binge).


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So many guys rating girls on a scale shows me we really are tralking in different dimensions when talking about falling in love.


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The scale is an easy way to communicate your impression of someones physical beauty, that is true, but in the same way it is neglecting the individuality of the person you are talking about. It is just rating and comparing. There are many reasons why I find someone desirable, and physical beauty might play a very big/the biggest role in that, but "I think she is a nine and the rest of the girls in this room are sevens at best" just doesn't cut it. Semantics are important.