Success - DE is over??? 1st time cumming regular in SOOOO long


Success!!! First time cumming in so long! I can?t even believe I am writing this, I feel like a miracle has taken place.  It has been 10 days since starting no PMO.  I have read story after story of success from DE and always knew I could do it but of course still questioned if it would ever happen to me. 

Last night with my new GF while having regular sex I had the most amazing mind-blowing orgasm ever. It was from penetration in doggie position.  Thank you to everyone thank you for all of your stories and assistance. 

Of course I have no idea what happens next with O but I know one thing for sure, no P and no M.  She was as happy as I was because she shared in the experience.  I don?t feel like a sexual loser anymore or someone that just has to ?go with it? and accept it.  I know now that I AM capable of being normal.