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I am curious if anyone has any comments regarding anonymity with AP.

I have a potential AP that is really worried about anonymity. He has a lot of trust issues and really doesn't what to reveal much about his personal life. I too am concerned about revealing too much information.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Are there venues/methods that work well to provide access but assure privacy?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or comments.


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A tricky question. I think the answer is "it depends?"

Mostly I think people are aware of the possibility of getting discovered by the public or people in their personal life as a P watcher. For example, I think people have been discovered by accidentally leaving a browser window with this forum open. And there are many other ways it can happen.

But there are benefits of sharing, too. I know for me, I'm not sure I would have recovered without my posts here.

So we all have to look at our own lives and make the decision whether to post or not.

Anyway, glad this issue is getting some more attention lately! You might also be interested in this recent thread on nofap.


The degree of personal information you're willing to disclose entirely depends on you, isn't that so (disregarding everything that we now know courtesy of Edward Snowden, that is!)? Meaning if you don't want to use your real name - don't. If you don't want to mention your home town, region or even country - don't. If you don't want to state your profession on the grounds it might link back to you -well, once more, don't. Everything that follows is hard to trace back anyway. Changing details (e. g. names) when talking to others online, doesn't impede the quality of the conversation, I'd think.
Also, in terms of IT and such, you might want to use a VPN or similar to wipe out your digital footsteps in case you're worried about that as well. Generally, having second thoughts about sensitive information on the internet is important, of course.