How masturbation affects rebooting? (without porn/fantasy)


I heard masturbation is not relapse but it's not good for rebooting.
Then how masturbation affects rebooting? Is it big problem?
I have read some post that say its not a problem. I think for me personally it is a problem. To me it is a relapse because your brain wins and gets its dopamine fix. I want to change my brain back to normal so I won't give in to it. This journey is different for everyone so take what I say with a grain of salt. If I were you I would not masterbate.


I've read some people saying that is good and others saying that is not. Some saying that do no-fap for x and others saying that do for y.
I really don't know.
You have to try to see if you feel better or worse.
I personally think the longer you go the better you feel about yourself, you find yourself speaking to strangers and strangely enough having strangers say hello to you or smile whatever for no reason at all,
Obviously you're aware of the pathways from the brain etc etc you must have seen the vids well as someone else said recently on here you should treat your recovery as a broken leg, rest up, let it heal, if you run on it before it's ready you're going to do more damage and it'll take longer to heal, fight the addiction with everything you've got KNOWING the end result is happiness and a fully functional brain/body/soul.