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I've used porn and high speed Internet porn since I was 12 years old. I've masturbated every day since then something 4 to 5 times a day. I went to jail for 1 year and still masturbated in jail with porn related thoughts. Now I'm 33 with the love of my life and I'm ruining my life with her and our 2 children because of porn. She feels like I'm comparing her to the girls in the porn films and we can never just make slow passionate love because of my preconceived notions of sex, because of what I've grow used to watching porn. Now I'm in very real danger of closing the life I've always wanted. A wife kids to be called dad. To watch my kids grow up everyday and not just when it's my turn to have them for the week. Now I'm only day 2 into this rebooting thing, and I want very badly for this to work, but I don't know if that will be enough to same my life with the women I love  and my 2 daughters who I want to continue having a future with



Welcome aboard dude! We are all struggling to quit the trap.

Porn is something bad that happens to good people. Set up a marker, it will help you psychologically!

In addition, please study the material on on a daily basis or whatever applies to you. It's not enough to only want to quit and post in your journal, it's important to also change your understanding of the problem.


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Hey it's great that you're going to quit.  Learn as much as you can and have your wife learn as much as she can too. The partners of addicts section on this site has some amazing women who have been through a lot. Usually the wives see it differently than we do.
Good luck


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Some good resources for you and your wife are ones already listed above as well as Jason martinkus and his wife Shelly martinkus. Good you tube videos you can watch with your wife, called kitchen convo's. He also has a book called worthy of her trust.  Covenant eyes blog and you tube video by covenant eyes as well. . Fred stoker's every mans battle, tactics and his wife's book every heart restored. The centrefold syndrome is also a good read. Last but not least send her here to the women's side as Pinkerton said. I can say first hand this is very hard to go through as a wife. However, you guys can make it through if you are determined and persistent.


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Good luck man! It's tough, and we all experience it differently.

It helps me a lot to have my wife on my team, using her as an ally in this fight. Show her the YBOP and the spouse forum in here, she'll find an outlet to vent to people with the same issues, and get support from, plus learn about why we do what we do.

For yourself, just keep your head up and don't give in.