New here, need plenty of help


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I want a life, i want to be free.
25 years of masturbating and now having trouble getting and keeping a erection.
i started on the 6-12-2014 and will not look at porn again.
I feel nervous and moody, my head hurts and i just feel depressed, but i don't feel sexual. Thinking about porn just pisses me off now.
i did have a woody when i woke up this this morning but it was only 70%, i guess that's a start.
Hey man,

Many of us struggle and feel awful. But since the moment I learned what this addiction does - and I mean not only to your penis but in life in general - I'm trying to kick it. So far it seems to be very hard. But I keep coming back. When I relapse, I start over. Or actually, I just continue trying to ban porn and masturbation from my life.
I see many others do exactly the same.

There's definitely hope this can be done.
Look at how far some of these guys have come (like LTE, STR, Mart71, fcjl8). Read their journal's.
If you really know for yourself that porn messed up things beyond what's healthy, make the decision to quit as firm as possible. But relax a little in your panic or anxiety. Chances are, you will still be around in a couple of months. The best thing you can do for yourself is try. Every day.

Because when you look at my counter for example, sometimes what you see makes me very depressed and sad. I don't want to relapse ever again. However, it still happened a lot. And it may happen again.
But what helps me greatly, is compare the number of days I relapsed with the number of days since I started this journey. That's 22 to 87! That's huge progress right there compared to jerking off every day for the last 24 years.

Good luck!