Porn is a RELATIVE term - porn is a shape-shifter!


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Hello all,

  I just wanted to get an idea out there that I think would address a lot of questions and concerns I see out there a lot. I was inspired to do this with information I saw on the NoFap reddit.

It's basically the idea that, which Gary Wilson even says, is that 'porn' ( as we know it) is relative. What this means is that - as William has taught us all, is that the issue is not so much porn itself as much as what porn elicits - dopamine! Dopamine is the criminal! Porn , however, is the most powerful summoner of dopamine.

What this means in our fight is that such distinctions between actual porn vids, p-subs, fantasies, etc. are superfluous as they are all just vaarying degrees of the same issue. For me, I can vouch that p-fantasy can give me the same numb, foggy feeling as watching a vid- granted watching a vid is worse.

Don't make a distinction between substance, it's all dopamine. No artificial sexual stimuli period.


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Equally destructive are bikini pics of models, actresses, etc. Anything you could fap to, whatever form that takes. I've even avoided pictures of my wife just to avoid the trigger it would send.


i used to believe porn is xxx videos but porn is artificial stimulation. if you are not with a real girl, you are using porn.