How to deal with YouTube and google images?


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Hey all -

  So, I am realizing my hardest issue isn't necc. with watching porn itself as much as it is porn-substitutes. It's the reason I have kept relapsing, honestly.

  I encounter most p-subs on Youtube I am finding. Does anyone know a way to attenuate Youtube in a way that blocks risky stuff like how K-9 does? I dont necc. want to have to block the entire site out as there are some really beneficial things on there but I'd really like to be able to remove the temptation for searching naughty stuff on there.

Anyone know? Similarly for google image searches I end up stumbling on bad images too often.


It sounds like you like K9.  Why don't you use K9?

Would scheduled access work for you (e.g., only allow access to youtube on M-F 12-2pm)?


Pisces21 said:
hrmm scheduledaccess would be good actually, didn't know that K9 could do that..

K9 has Time Restrictions / NightGuard, which prevents all internet access during certain hours (typically night).  However, it does not support scheduling access to only certain sites.

Pluckeye can do it.

pluck add "allow MTWRFAU 12-14"
pluck add "deny MTWRFAU 0-12&14-24"

But you may or may not want Pluckeye.

For a list of filters that have some sort of timer feature, see


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Install K9 and force youtube into safe search I would recommend. Also force any search engine into, so you won't have to deal with images anymore.

However at this moment, there are still nudity video's which can be seen on youtube, no sex but just nudity. If this turns you on and you can't stop yourself from watching, then I would say be a man and remove it. When you have recovered, you may proceed to unblocking youtube again I made a detailed post about how to install K9 correctly.

I hope this helps, have a nice day!


A general ad blocker is very useful

Also you could get a youtube downloader app. Quickly load the site only long enough to obtain the http link and close it.