ok this is weird


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almost 10 days of no fap to porn. I lost it for 3 mins turn the porn on and started fapping...... 3 mins into it, i lost interest and turned the porn off. all those hot girls just didn't light my match. seriously, some real hot porn fucking action and i was like bored ....... i had the out to lunch attitude.........the last time i didnt fap for a week, the min i got home i ran to my pc and i was raging horny and i cummed in 5 mins then 15 mins later... but this time zero......... first time ever. it seems like my sex drive is zero... it just died or something.........................
Later i flat lined and nothing....... i did notice that when one of my friends called me on the phone.... i start feeling horny but and my erection starts but only 50%. shes really hot so it helps motivate me to be porn free. We had sex 10 days ago and thats when i noticed, so i had to get really creative so i wouldn't disappoint her. She noticed but thought it was her fault...... she still loved the sex, but i knew something was wrong when my erection kept slipping. i have also gotten a mild flu like symptoms, my hair is not falling out like before, my mind is clearer, and im getting more flirty with the girls. Also my voice is changing deeper and a little rougher..... but im scared my penis is on some permanent vacation....  what you think is happening to me