porn free is the life for me

HEYO! Just want to share my success story. I've always noticed how I just couldn't get a 100% erect or not at all when trying to have sex from ages 17-21. It didn't bother me too much because I figured out that if I stopped masturbating for a week prior to sex, I could get it up no problem. It wasn't until early this year when it became a real problem. I'm seeing this girl and the first time we had sex, I completely lost my erection mid sex. I figured it was the alcohol or jitters or whatever. The second time, I couldn't get hard AT ALL! So I did what I've always done and stopped masturbating for a week until our next date. A week later, I still couldn't get it up. I started freaking out and that's when I read all these threads and blogs about PIED. So glad that I did, too, because I realized that I was actually on the right track by abstaining masturbation and especially porn. This time, I've stopped watching porn AND stopped masturbating for 90 days. The first month was tough, definitely. Super horny all the time. I even had my first wet dream EVER! After that first month though, I tried having sex again and it went very well. Didn't last long, but at least I got my boner again. I've been having sex regularly since then but didn't start masturbating again until AFTER the 90 day fap free challenge I had set up to do. No more porn for me, for sure. So there you have it. I realize that it might take longer for some to be fully rebooted, but believe me when I say that there is nothing you can gain from watching porn.. except maybe for some moves and whatnot lol but it's totally not worth having to deal with a limp dick during sex. If you don't plan on having sex anymore, then fap away, my friend. I will be too, but to memories of good ol sex. Mmm-mmm-mmmmm  ;)