from being consistent to relapsing to being able to have successful sex!!


so i haven't been on here for a while lol. but im here to share my success story

so i found out about PIED late last summer in July due to not being able to perform and make love to my girlfriend. it sucked! i felt so horrible and humiliating making her think that she wasn't good enough. until i did almost the same thing all us men did and went online searching what the problem was and then i read about PIED and came across Gabe's videos. (God bless you Gabe lol ). so in the beginning i was going hard mode on the reboot. within the first 2 weeks i already fell into the flatline. but a few weeks after that, i relapse  due to instagram..not porn smh. so after that i had shut down my instagram for about 2 months..theres been a few days where i had no cravings but every time i would be on day 14 or day 16 i would relapse again. :(

so you pretty much get the picture. each time i would relapse i felt horrible and disgusted of myself. i felt weak and that i was failing. i probably relapsed over 30 times from last year to now smh..but i cam across a youtube video from Clasik Obas, ( a real knowledgeable guy) . he stated that relapsing is apart of the process and shouldn't beat your self too much from it and that the only reason you are relapsing is because you are getting better. lol.(yea it sounds strange) but i thought too myslef , well he has a point. i came a lonnnnngggg way from what i used to do with porn (i watched it almost everyday and fapped EVERY night before i went to bed). but now i would only FAP once every 10-12 days. i went from watching porn everyday to maybe once a month. (during my reboot i mostly fapped and relapsed to instagram videos and youtube videos) so i knew i was definitely making progress and was far way doing better than i used too.

so basically its like when were a baby and we first learned how to walk. we had to try slowly first to get the steps right and we kept on falling everyday. we fell, fell , fell. but did any of us every stop and gave up? NO we didn't. so its like the same thing to beating this PORN addiction. its all about the PROGRESS. we will keep falling at first but eventually we will get better at excluding porn and masterbation especially since we all know the consequences to it.  we all are here to beat PIED and to be cured but lets be honest, we aren't just going to be free from this addiction over night. its going to take some time, months, or possible a year (for some of us) if you stay committed and focused.

to wrap this up, i am finally a witness from how this rebooting actually works. i was probably on one of my highest streaks. went almost over a month on nofap and me and my girl friend finally had successful sex this weekend! :) we are on a long distance relationship so we see each other every 4-5 months. even though the sex didn't last long (lasted like 5 minutes) but i was able to contain a full hard erection and cummed a load of semen lol. i was sooooooo happy!! she was happy. and then about 2 hours later we went again for round 2! now this was shocking because i can't remember the last time i went 2 rounds in one day!! and this time it went longer, for almost 12-15 minutes. i was able to control my erection and almost abstain from cumin too early. but this only meant that the reboot was working and NO FAP truly works! ***VERY IMPORTANT NOTE,  rewiring is SO important guys. please don't try to rush into sex and rush this process. you will fail. rewiring with your partner first, foreplay for a couple minutes before you try to have sex****

so basically guys I'm here to tell you do not give up. FUCK PORN, get that shit out of your brain, out of your computers and out of your lives. just like Gabe says, Make it that PORN IS NO LONGER AN OPTION. i made it a rule in my home that laptops are closed and turned off by midnight. I'm spending less time on social media to minimize my triggers, and this is whats curing my PIED...its truly not worth it guys trust me. real love and expressing love to your girlfriend is soooooo much better.  just stay discipline and keep going hard mode and. as i see that its probably one of the fastest ways to being free from this addiction and being cured from PIED.

best of luck to you all. and remember if you relapse, its okay, your only getting better at this. ...but just don't repeatedly do it over and over. stay focus and discipline, you can beat this!