Orgasms while awake without touching yourself


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I'm currently 37 days into a 90-day reboot, abstaining from both porn and masturbation. Early on I'd read about spontaneous orgasms while awake, which seemed incredibly peculiar to me, leaving me wondering how that was even possible. Then last week happened.

I was taking a nap, naked but with no wrong intentions, when all of a sudden I got a full erection. I hadn't been able to sleep so I started taking pictures of myself, simply out of boredom, and the next thing I knew I ejaculated. I didn't touch myself at all but apparently I'd regained enough sensitivity in 30-something days that all it took was focusing on my sexuality/body for a couple minutes to reach the point of orgasm. This was surprising and something I'd never experienced before.

The following two nights, still curious about this no-touching, waking orgasm thing, I found myself lying around naked, long enough to get hard. I've previously experienced that lower ab exercises are kind of stimulating, so I did one, and sure enough that was enough to bring me to the point of ejaculation again. It was the same situation on both those nights and by the time it happened the third time I felt like it needed to stop, which I've since done. Although I've had the goal of no PMO I definitely hadn't planned on being sensitive enough to reach the point of orgasm without touching myself or anything touching my penis.

It might also be important to note that in each of those three ejaculations I didn't produce as much nor did the orgasm feel as full as it has in the past, i.e., when I've masturbated with or without porn.

At this point I haven't considered it as constituting a reset, but I've still been pondering that lately, wondering if I should or not. What do you all think? Does anyone have any similar experiences with this?


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Well it certainly sounds odd to me. But besides that, you went back to the well two more times to orgasm. It's an unusual way to masturbate, but lying around naked, taking pictures of yourself, doing sit-ups until you orgasm is still masturbating.

I don't get into resets and recounts and spreadsheets. But this isn't good for your reboot, so I'd buck up and quit fooling around. Stay the course, friend.