Miracle | Delayed Ejaculation cured? Success!!!


I joined last Sept. suffering 4 years with DE. 54 years old got it after separation with wife of 22 years. I thought it was mental but also it has ruined my life and made me dread the sex and love making I so missed.

Thank goodness for this group, I have stopped porn and really not M but a few times in months.

Last night with my GF I was able to just receive and she gave me a HJ for a while and then mounted me on top. Within about 5 minutes I was able to O in a short amount of time and very naturally for the first time since my divorce.

OK with my current GF I have been keeping count and this is the 14th orgasm, which is huge, but each of those seemed to take a long time and were elusive. this time it was quick, felt great and also just felt normal. I pray that this continues. At least I KNOW now that I am normal and that I am capable.

So what did I do? Stopped porn, stopped M and also rubbed cream on my unit almost every day.  :)