Masturbating Prone (aka humping the bed)


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Hello all -

  So I have noticed that for me, while staying away from porn is fairly easy for me, staying away from masturbation to fantasy /p-fantasy is a huge challenge for me. I also am realizing that I have never, in all my life ( I am 24 now), orgasmed from masturbating the normal way ( stroking with hand). I can BEGIN to pre-cum, but no orgasm.

  I am reading all these accounts of how damaging it is to your penis because the pressure of your body - especially when slammed against the mattress is damaging to the nerve sensitivity in the head. Crazy! So when it comes time to putting your penis in an actual vagina you experience anorgasma and/or DE... just piling on porn makes it even worse!

So I really have a reason to lay of masturbation for a while period  because apparently my dick is habituated to immense pressure to get it off.

I see a lot of stuff on here about you can prevent yourself from masturbating while in bed... but what about if you masturbate like I do? What are some practical ways I can deter myself from that besides just sleeping on my back and not rolling over?



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I don't view this as an issue any different than regular masturbation. It is just as easy to give in to humping the bed as it is to MO. The only essential difference is the circumstances that lead to the behavior. In your case it's being in bed. I don't know if this is more of a before falling asleep ordeal or an immediately after waking up thing but my suggestion would be to only get into bed when you feel tired and ready for sleep and to begin the practice of forcing yourself out of bed immediately upon waking up. If you frequently have trouble falling asleep at night you should get into a pre-bed routine and if you lie down and don't fall asleep within 15 minutes or so get back up and read or do light stretching but do not just lay there. Hope this helps


Just grab yourself a fleshlight and read up on the "shoe method", or you could dish out for one of the expensive Liberator brand fleshlight mounts.

Heck you can even buy the entire female rear end made of cyberskin material if you feel like splurging, I usually feel like splurging  ;)

Not trolling here, but my idea of recovery is probably slightly different than that of the hardmoder/no fapsters ;D


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This I didn't know.

"It's important to understand that both porn and extreme masturbation techniques cause desensitization and rewiring of the brain. In other words, the brain needs time to heal and rewire to solve both problems. "


Some things off that site sound like they were pulled out of someone's behind. Obviously excessive masturbation or "extreme masturbation techniques" will cause desensitization. I'm not sure how they would rewire your brain though.

In any case I masturbated whenever I felt like it for the last 21 days without porn and I'm feeling back to normal/porn cravings easily ignored. So obviously it isn't as black and white as ybop tends to indicate.

Lots of gentle fleshlight textures out there, far less likely to cause desensitization than your hand if done correctly.