First journal entry


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So I just had another stint with porn. It was short lived, and I had two orgasms. So far, I?ve enjoyed so much more freedom from this beast than before I ran into Still, I want complete freedom.

Here are some factors that lead into my latest trip up:
Extremely tired.
Planning to fail.
- When I say planning to fail, I mean that I knew that I was going to booze it up a little. I was so tired when I woke up this morning that I pretty much planned on the day being a loss. I think planning-to-fail is a huge factor. It doesn?t necessarily have to involve alcohol. It almost always happens when I?m running on four hours of sleep and I justify not expecting anything out of myself.
An example is where I wake up spent and think that I?m not going to the gym because I?m too tired. I?m also going to eat whatever I want, cause I?m tired. When I finally get home, I?ve already messed up my diet and I?m tired, of course, so why not drink. Once I drink, I?m a prime target for PMO.
So, all this said, I think I PMO?d today because I planned to fail. To bring it down to the initial thought process, I planned to drink.

I guess the obvious answer is to not drink, but I wouldn't mind hearing from people who've actually kicked this habit and gone 90+ days. What was it that made all of this finally click?


To bad brah but you are going to beat this porncrap brah! We are ALL going to make it brah! I?m 7 days in brah! And when i?m lifting those weights it?s like every rep smashes porns ugly face huh brah! You hang in there brah! FUCK this porn shit brah!