Dreaming porn


The good news is that I'm two weeks clean right now. The bad news is that I saw porn in a dream last night. It's obviously on (in) my mind. I didn't MO in the dream, nor in reality. Think this requires resetting my counter? Anyone else had this experience?
I ate a giant marshmallow in my dream last night. Does that mean I've broken my diet? ... Wait. Come to think of it, I couldn't find my pillow anywhere this morning.

Sorry, just joking. There have been times when I've had bizarre sexual content in my dreams, especially when having wet dreams or sometimes during a dream when I awaken with morning wood. These aren't dreams featuring porn stars, or beautiful women, or... well, I'll just say that one had the setting of a zoo. That was weird. So consider yourself lucky, I'd say.

Although I can't specifically say that my dreams have included watching porn, my dreams include many aspects of daily life. I've just finished my degree and over the past several years have frequently dreamed about doing stacks of homework or taking an exam, and then woken up to be so disappointed to realize that I have to go take a real exam that day, or have a stack of homework to still do. So, now that you mention it, I wouldn't be surprised if I dream about PMO sometime. The key is, not to go for the PMO or MO when you wake up.

There have been times when I committed serious crimes in my dreams, but did not have to go to jail when I woke up. So, I don't think you require a counter reset after dreaming about seeing some porn.

And congrats on the 2 weeks!


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IMO it's just a dream.  The bonus is that you didn't do anything with those images so that was success.  Your brain will try all sorts of tricky shit to get you back in it.  Stay strong!!


I didn't actually MO after the dream, but the urge was strong yesterday. I think that dream was just evidence that I'm feeling the pull two weeks (actually fifteen days!) in.
I dream't about porn a week ago.  Was a bit shocking and glad I didn't O to it so I'd feel like I failed in my goals.


IMHO dreams are not a full reflection of reality, but rather our subconscious minds trying to piece together the abstract bits of our daily experiences. I dreamt that I could fly; I cannot fly. Dreaming about P could mean that part of you still wants it, and that is to be understood. I also have many dreams about my long-dead father, who I dearly wish had been part of my life for longer than he was.

The few experiences where I've had a pornographic dream, especially those that have occurred since I began rebooting, are usually vivid, and slightly absurd. I imagine that they're just my brain's way of cleaning out unnecessary files; they are not a reflection of who I am, just of a thing I've stopped doing.