Happiness = No Porn, No PMO, and Enjoying Life to the Fullest


Thank you for the advice, super helpful!

Do you have any advice on touching yourself during flatline? Or any advice on how I can make the flatline experience not as dreadful.  I have been listening to music, opening up to more people about my PIED, and working out.



Day 7

Still going through my flatline today.  Last night I tried working out but felt a sharp pain while doing some squats so I stopped working out.  The pain from my lower back somewhat subsided but still hurts here and there.  Imma lay low on the physical activity for a bit, which kind of sucks.

Today was so-so, I seemed a bit more irritable with minor anxiety.  I noticed ever since I stopped looking at porn and PMO, my anxiety went down and I became more focused on things.  However, today I did some quick glances at some foot models on instagram and peaked at some porn.  I didnt focus too much on it and immediately redirected my attention elsewhere and reinstalled my P blocker.

I have been using the K9 blocker but sometimes the K9 blocker interrupts my internet connection, thus resulting in me uninstalling/installing it.

I have seen the progress I have made these last 7 days and I will continue to be motivated during this reboot because this flatline is part of the healing process. 


I also have limp D, I was wondering if it is okay to touch yourself without looking at porn during your flatline? NO MO.


Day 12

Last night and today I spent probably half an hour peeping at P.  I am not going to try to sugar coat it by saying I was looking at soft core porn or anything.  Prior to yesterday and today, I felt pretty good in regards to emotions and moods.  I had sex with my GF yday and after I felt drained and unenthusiastic.  I still have no PMO, but I felt some guilt looking at P because it did release some dopamines.  I am going to remind myself to not look at P at all because it is not worth it and puts me in a state of guilt.



Fuck......... I just PMO'd.

I went two weeks straight without peaking or PMOing. After I had a lot of inconsistency, I would not do any porn for two days then I would PMO.  I am literally at a lost right now on what to do. 

I also have porn stash hidden away and just deleted all of it.

I need some advice on how I can routinely avoid from watching any P.


Hi Reboot Nation,

I have decided to come back for community support.  It has been a year since I began my reboot process.  I have some progress, but in the process have relapsed quite a few times. 

Skipping to the present...  The past couple of months I have successfully not PMO.  I feel happy about this because I have made progress.  However, the last month or so I have been watching P more frequently and have been PM.  This has definitely killed my motivation as of late.  I have not been feel upbeat or positive...to be honest I have been very anxious and depressed.

I am looking forward to joining this community for support again and provide support to others through my shared experiences.  I hope to make a positive impact for others, as I hope they will for me. 

One key thing I will focus on is create healthy habits.  I acknowledge most of the time when I spend my time looking at P is when I am in my room laying in my bed.  I am going limit myself from staying in my room and laying in the bed during this process. 

Again, I look forward to understanding everyone's unique experiences and being that uplifting spirit.

Thanks Reboot Nation and I will do my best to update regularly.



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Hey man. It's good that you came back and feel motivated. What helped me in the last three weeks since I joined the community is (i) keeping an almost daily journal -this way you have to stick to your observations such as 'Oh I need to do more sports', it's more engaging if you say it to a whole community, I became more committed (ii) like you said, sharing advice and thoughts with others -makes you want to follow your own advice :)- (iii) learning from others, and seeing so many motivating souls in the same situation as mine.
Looking forward to hearing from you. What healthy habits are you now thinking about for that new chapter of your life?
Good luck man!


Thanks Vince75!

I have been meditating and discussing is my reboot with my GF more frequently.  I hope to stick to this habit as it will change my old habits of being trapped in my room and looking at P.

Day 4
I had a great weekend; did a lot of social activities with friends that I have not done in a long while.  It felt great being around old friends and just hanging out.  It really took my mind off of P. 

Today I had work and I felt sharp and focused.  However, mid-day I had some slight anxiety.  It is some-what humid where I am and to be honest I get distracted whenever I see girls in shorts and such.  I would glance and my mind would be transfixed into thinking fantasies.  This led me to develop some anxiety.

One good thing was that my urges weren't that strong today and I managed to have a very productive day.  I went to the gym for the first time in almost 2 weeks and I hope to go again tomorrow.  My goal is to last this week without P and it would be a huge milestone for me, since my longest streak is about a week without P.