Gamification of nofap


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So, I would like to share with you an idea I've been trying for 200 days now that is working for me. It is, of course, the gamification of nofap. I think it helps most if you've been trying to reboot for a while and lack motivation as it mostly provides motivation. Personally, I started trying to quit Jan 1st 2015 and by the start of this year I was pretty low on motivation and wondering if i'd ever make it. Gamification has brought the energy and fun back and i'm progressing. I can tell i'm progressing because i'm keeping score.

So, how does it work? Well, the idea is that you allocate yourself a points score for each day depending on how well you did. Then, in excel, you enter each days score the next morning and use autosum to calculate some key stats. So, here's my score system:

8 - no MO, no PMO, yesterday was 7
7 - no MO, no PMO, yesterday was 6
6 - no MO, no PMO, yesterday was less than 6
3 - MO, no fantasy, no P
1.5 - MO with fantasy
0 - PMO
-2 - PMO with extreme content

So, I enter the score for each day and then I created three new columns in excel. The first is the previous 30 days sum. This tells me how well I did over the last month. The next column is 60 days sum. Since deltafosb stays in the brain for about 60 days, this tells me how much deltafosb is in my brain relating to PMO. Third and finally is 120 days sum. This tells me how weak the connections in my brain are, because it allows for an extra two months beyond the 60 day score for the connections to weaken.

N.B. I got into tube sites at about 23, so not during adolescence. This is why I think 120 days tells me how weak the connections are with reasonable accuracy. If you started on tube sites in your teens, then I would recommend you add a 240 days score because it will take that much longer for your connections to weaken and your functionality to return.

My experience with it is that i'm always trying to improve my 30 days score and it motivates me when either of my other two scores increase because I know they are linked to deltafosb and connection strength. Thus, when my 60 day score is higher, I am pleased because I know there is less deltafosb in my brain. I also know that as long as I keep increasing my 30 day score, I will keep increasing the other two scores and will eventually quit.

So, how am I doing? Well the first 120 days scored 110 and now i'm on 202. If you figure that out with the points score above, it's not impressive by the standards of many other rebooters, but the point is that my score is increasing. Also, there is a clear upward trend on the 120 day score all the way from the start to now, so it's unlikely to be some kind of fluke or variation in the data. Also, my 30 day score is 70 right now, whereas it was 10 after the first 30 days. My 60 day score is 124.

Now, I suspect that this may appeal more to "numbers geeks" like myself, who like to keep score and know what the scores mean. However, it may work for you, so I hope some of you will try it out.