Fasting......your ultimate secret weapon for a reboot

Hi Folks,

i would like to share with you an effective way to kiss porn addiction goodbye in a short period plus healing you spiritually,mentally and physically, my motivation when writing this is that i noticed we as human beings always in a rush, we like to see results quickly, we can gain weight in months and wanna lose it in days, we don't study for a whole year and then want to pass an exam in one week, we slowly gets addicted to porn however we hope to quit as fast as possible

before explaining my method, i need to highlight that i am not trying here to preach for any religious belief which i believe is out of the context of this forum however i believe a successful healing should combine spiritual,mental and physical side as well

the magic word to quit porn addiction is...fasting, abstaining from food,water,smoking, sexual intimacy during the day and then breaking your fast with a meal, this is has a magic effect on you spiritually,physically and mentally and you will witness a noticeable improvement during your reboot

so how does it work?

as explained fasting is avoiding food,water,sexual intimacy for a period of time during day (in islamic faith it is from dawn till sunset), many recent studies have shown how fasting can help people improve physically and mentally however our concern here is how it can help in avoiding porn addiction

avoiding food and water results in being in a state of hunger this help in reducing sexual desire, there is a correlation between feeling full after having food or a meal and your sexual desire hence it will help avoiding watching porn and plus since you know that you are in a state of fasting and you prepared yourself mentally to avoid porn and lowering your gaze from watching any exciting scene then it should help you more in avoiding porn

so how about your mental state?, several studies have showed that fasting improve your focus, you shouldn't think that being hungry will stop you from doing your day to day activities including going to work and being productive, one of the things i noticed personally that after fasting  i felt that i can no longer remember those porn scenes which stick in our minds from repeated watching

so how you should start?, you can start  by fasting 2 days every week(ex: monday, thursday), you can have a small meal before starting your fast and decide on a time to break it, in islamic faith fasting starts @ dawn and concludes @ sunset however this is might be though for some folks so you basically don't need to follow this rule if you like but it might be helpfull, if you need to see results quicker try increasing the number of days gradually and i assure you that you will see magical results

i encourage everyone to search the web for studies done on fasting and how it helped people improve physically and mentally, i used it as a cure from pornography and i found great results in a relatively short time, i advise you to give it a try @ the end there is nothing to lose

Gabe Deem

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I'm a big supporter of intermittent fasting. I did this during my reboot, and continue to do it every now and then to maintain self discipline.

However, this is not a success story, so I'm moving this to the PA section.
Hi Gabe,

regardless which section the post should be. i hope that other members can give this method a try since it helped me personally to recover from PA in addition to the associated side effects of it and of course  results even will be much better if combined with physical exercises as well


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been doing intermittent fasting for a few years. good stuff. Thinking of also doing a few full on fasting days when I have the possibility to do so. Good stuff.


I would be careful advising things like this, or at least put a warning first that obviously fasting isn't for everyone depending on medical conditions and so on, and secondly, there is absolutely no reason to cut out water. I understand that you cut it during Ramadan, but on a day to day basis I would unrecommend that.

On a final note I was also going to suggest intermittent fasting, but you guys already did mention it. I think that would be a much better solution and way to do things! But please, don't cut out water...
i totally agree and sorry if i missed that, of course if someone is having some medical condition that preventing him from fasting then he shouldn't but i assume for an average healthy person it shouldn't be a problem, it is definitely not easy for someone who has never done this before but practice makes perfect, plus as i suggested also you don't need to fast for 15 or 17 hours it is up to your endurance
one more thing to mention regarding nutrition, dates (if you can get it) will be your best friend when breaking your fast it has all the nutrients that your body needs plus it restores quickly your energy level


Personally i am not believing  in fasting, because those who are having acidity and ulcer problem can't abstain from food and water. There are many easier ways to avoid PMO. The main thing is we have to rewire our brain's reward circuits with natural ways instead of porn.

Example- watching my favorite comedy shows,cycling, family, and friends. During Weekend going out mostly hill areas.

During night i am avoiding sleeping alone, i moved to hall where i can be seen by everyone. After 9pm compulsory no mobile or computer usage. Having sexual urge is common.



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I would NOT do this without drinking lots of water! Not being properly hydrated is bad business indeed. If you have some spiritual reason for doing that that is one thing, but if you fast with the intent of getting healthy, DRINK!


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personaly what helped me get away from porn urges is going to the gym and eating as much food as i can stuff in my face. the exitement of gaining muscle makes me completely forget about porn.


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Yeah dehydration is unhealthy, but fasting really can help you. It increases dopamine receptors. But saying no drinking is stupid, if it is not for religious reasons.


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Ditto on the recommendation to add fasting as a way to break the pull of PMO.
I have done a lot of different fasts in my life.  I do an intermittent fast.  Right now I restrict all my eating from NOON to 8 pm.  This gives me 16 hours a day to get my body in a state of using up fat cells on a daily basis.  I mention it here becaue it is not as hard as whole out fasting and it fits farily well with eating with people.


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Hello everyone
I am heavily addicted to porn for about 10 years but in this Ramadan month I decided to quit watching porn because in Ramadan month it was easy to success for me. During the day I should avoid watching porn completely because of my fasting but during the night I tried sleep early and cut my internet connection, in first 10 days it was difficult for me but in second week I went to flatline stage therefore I lost my libido and lost interest to porn but in thirth week I became worry about about losing my libido and watched porn only once to test my libido and I was successfully erect by porn and then I researched about it and found out that is normal for rebooting porn this is called flatline stage.
I am in forth week of no PMO and I fell that I am getting my morning erection alittle and I hope that my ED would disappear in next one or one and half months because I would marry in next one or two months, I don't want failed in sex with my wife.
I don't know exactly but fasting helped my leaving waching porn.