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Been a while since i last wrote here, college has been pretty demanding this last two weeks. Today is day 1, yesterday i had to stay in a hotel cause i was to tired to drive back home. The last guests that had been there left the TV on the porn channel so the rest is history. I won't turn on the TV in a hotel never again :LOL:. Success to all of you this week!
Knew forgot to do something 🤦🏾‍♀
Screwed this week streak. It was so stressfull. This semester college is demanding a lot. I have to find healthy ways to purge all of the stress. It has been a tough week. So starting again today more carefully and paying more attention to negative feelings. Those are being quick triggers for me. Wish you guys succes this week!
Goodluck, think of stress release activities more, like reading, exercising, etc.
Could someone please do something about the prostitute who's been putting up links to her website? I think it might trigger some people and it's going to get very annoying. Thanks.
I've became everything I ever hated. I'm becoming like my mother, who neglected me as a child in favour of sex. I neglect my responsibilities in like for a 'fun time' only to end up disappointed and nothing, no excuse nor rationalisation, can ever ease the pain, only blanket it, as the porn caused the pain.
I've sank so low that I've been asking middle-aged women for sex because my porn binging sessions just aren't enough and I feel as though I'd settle for anyone at this point. None of the girls online which I roleplay with can ever fulfil me because I crave real intimacy and human connection, but I know that I'm being an idiot and that none of these routes of escapism are necessarily healthy.
Day 0 (continuation). I can't stand this. I haven't had this kind of relapses y usually go 3+ days until a relapse, but this is getting me terrified. If anybody has gone with this issue and has some advices please write a comment i would like to read. Thank you!