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Oddly enough, I'm not a strong addict However, when I abstain for a long time, I feel the urge to watch sodomy videos, why?
“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” (Albert Einstein)
Your bed is for two things: fucking and sleeping
thats right! i would put a hefty wager on it that most relapses happen in bed, on your phone, or tablet. probably because it is usually secluded from others that may be living there so you can pmo in private. staying away from it unless you are sleeping or with a real partner is a great rule!
after 15 days !
I joined this forum 15 days ago, once I slipped and then stopped using the internet.
After that I masturbated twice
Certainly, the percentage of dopamine in masturbation without video clips is lower, and this is a positive point, but I want some advices
most rebooters find that going a long time without masturbation is necessary for recovery. This is probably due to the fact that heavy porn fantasy used for masturbation uses many of the same neuro pathways as PMO. Gary Wilson said that the difference between Porn and Fantasy about it is "the mouse".