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I am a 40 year old male who has been down this spiral of pornography addiction ever since I turned 16. It is making my family's life miserable. I have been and seen a plethora of counselors and read books to help me walk through the journey...I need support like minded people who'd like to change their ways.

I start today to stay away. Day 1
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Next Chapter
I‘ve been down this path many times and finally making strides with the reboot process. I’ve been in therapy and read multiple books but in the end I had to want it more than anything else. No more guilty pleasure. Going on 9 weeks and its getting easier with time. Everyday is a new day to make a difference. Stay positive and get your spouse involved with the reboot process.
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Thank you Next Chapter for the kind words of encouragement
I'm on Day 5 without the use of porn is not easy. Thank you members fo being awesome people who are here to share experiences. Thank you
Hi mate,
33 year old Australian here. New to all of this but am keen to find an accountability partner and kick this addiction for good. If you aren't interested that's ok but if you are, message back.
I started over. 2 days and all is fine by now. I figured the best way to do this is by working on what I like and I'm doing just that :)
Saw your accountability post. You already taken? haha.
I'm 31 and been addicted to porn for around 15 years. Also in a relationship for the last 2.5 years and worried PMO maybe having some negative impact on my ability to find excitement/enjoyment in the relationship. From UK too. Give me a shout if you want to talk and have an accountability partner.
I failed. again. on bad days I do nothing right. Mark Manson: just shut up and do it! (the 'do something' principal) just ONE good thing...
Do you think one should have a cheat day in porn addiction or internet addiction? I think my brain is trying to trick me with logic again :/
thank you guys I'll try better. did you all stop all of it at once? the addiction voice is really hard to notice, like a black ant walking on a black stone at night ;) sorry couldn't help it (It's a quote)
I quit cold turkey on June 4. The safest and fastest way to reboot but the hardest because nobody escapes porn addiction easily. It's a struggle everyday until it's no more.
I think the difference will be make by the willingness to suffer. When you quit an addiction cold turkey you start experiencing suffering. My suffering is: The agony of deny myself the porn pleasure that I'm obsessed with, the increased anxiety, mood swings, the massive urges. How you react when you get hit by the inevitable suffering is the key.
Hey Orbiter, hello,
First let me tell you that you write very well, and communicate very well what you mean.
I wonder if you think taking it up as your carrier path.
I know and get you how distressing this is, and you must be upset.
take time, talk to yourself and restart.
Much love.