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Feeling a little low today, relapsed starting over, but im not ignoring the progress that I have made. this slip up is nowhere near as bad as it used to be, but the ability is there.
Update: I'm progressing well and it takes time but I'm focusing on my triggers as that's where my downfall is. Keep going peeps, we got this
Feeling so frustrated right now. My wife just doesn’t understand me.
if you can love to be with yourself, you will have a rebirth and the world around will change. keep the faith my friend. keep fighting.
I was thinking about your comment on eschatology and thought I'd share this video series by Dr, Bruce Gore that really help me understand the book of Revelation and eschatology in general so much better. The whole series is like 60 videos(I've seen maybe a dozen] but it clear, concise and contextual to the times when the books were written, not todays newspaper.
Quitting for the last time, determined to end the relapse cycle. I am 10 yrs sober and had thought quitting alcohol was impossible, thinking of a drink reminds me just how much damage it can cause. This will be harder, I am not kidding myself.

Your demons may have been ejected from the building, but they’re out in the parking lot doing push-ups
― Dan Harris
Hey are you doing alright? You haven't been online in a while. I'm worried about you, but maybe you just don't have much to say at the moment, idk. Please respond for peace of mind
I joined quite a way into my journey here . I noticed about 45 or so days in that my nighttime involuntary erections are about every night now and have been since. And they last a long while. So all of the physiological things work. It's just mental. My libido is still practically zero. Advantage of this is I hardly even care about porn anymore. Disadvantage is ... zero is not really the goal, is it?
So 85 days. Urges have been piping up a bit more lately, maybe to about a "4" ... but I still have plenty of will to shut them down. I'm pretty pissed off about what I've done to myself by watching all this crap for years and desensitizing my brain. That's what keeps me going. That kind of anger at the situation. That and the longer the streak goes the more I don't want to break it.