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    Becoming more productive

    Thanks a lot Not a Rabbi. The support means a lot to me. Tried for multiple days to avoid PMO, but a small amount of stress or urge would convince me otherwise. My mind would say "dude, just PMO and then you can have a free mind". But that's the most desperate part of being an addict. You...
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    Becoming more productive

    DAY 1 went smooth. had a lot of work, so no time to think about anything else. Day 2 has started feeling a bit flat today.
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    Becoming more productive

    PMOed again. Day 0 starts today. Thanks wrijak for the support. I definitely come back stronger.
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    Becoming more productive

    Day 3: This is embarassing to admit, but I did PMO last night. I was holding up well but what started the urges where these bits and pieces of sexually explicit images that I saw in some tv series through out the day. I was not sleepy at all, it was past midnight. Well, I have still not lost...
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    Extreme Addiction, In Search of a Cure,April 14, 2022

    It is brave of you to share your story, Lucas. I have also find myself yearning to watch more and more stronger content as my addiction progressed. I was in denial for more than a year and this affected my mentality, productivity and overall life quality. I hope we can get through these...
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    20 Something Reboot

    It was truly motivating to see someone holding on for a long time. I have just started and you have given me enough motivation to project myself for at least a 2 week P free goal. Good luck and I hope you achieve great things in your life.
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    Becoming my best self

    keep on the grind man. I am on the same track. Let's get through this together. Always remember that the feeling that you have after relapse sucks more than the stress you would relieve with it. I hope you have a great day.
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    Becoming the person I need to be

    Great to hear your story. It is great that you have a supporting spouse. Spend quality time with her and the fam. One thing I am doing for rebooting is to deliberately make time to connect with my family. It's hard and awkward at first since several PMO cycles had taken me away from connecting...
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    Becoming more productive

    ⭐Day 2⭐ Thanks a lot Lucas for the support, It truly means a lot. Did not watch porn, no particular triggers, just a little work related stress which I overcame by a good night's sleep. And the one thing I am grateful for today is that sleep since I have not slept properly for days last week...
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    Becoming more productive

    Hi, My name is Alt. I have just graduated college and was recruited as an engineering intern recently. I believe that I have a severe porn addiction which often hinders my productivity. I have tried to avoid pornographic content atmost for 2 weeks, and at this point the urge for relapsing is...