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"It is easy to swim with the current in our present culture, but it takes real strength and courage to swim against it".
Dr. Doug Weiss from the book
Please help me i'm very depressed ,i'm addicted to masturbation and porn since age 9 and till 26 every day and night daily, due to this addiction my whole body is damaged ,i was not grow like normal man, my back and all muscle are weak and paining all the time, 24 hour paining, i'm nit able to study or wright ,not able to do any work,due to weak bone and muscle ,my hands are vibrating and very thin compare to before
I read some comments and your question on my profile page.

Can you tell me something about your history and process ?
Hi, I'm 26 years old. I've been addicted since I was 12-13 years old. I really started noticing progress using a strict regime, less anxiety, depression, everything is gradually and slowly recovering. Although night emissions if they are 2-4 in a short period are still sensitive for me. But the flat line is not as heavy as it was before and not as long. 1 year out of 2 I'm on hard mode.
you during the reboot bright days and penis enlargement and eggs and libido? From time to time? Do you feel that you almost recovered, and then fell back to the bottom? I have such races in private, it used to be rare. For about a month I don't feel very well, then I feel at the top for a month. Erection, no depression, anxiety, like girls.
25, male.

PMO (porn, masturbation, orgasm) from age 13-22.

Month 35 currently. No relapse.

No sex, no masturbation, no porn, no alcohol, no drugs, no medication, nothing.

I still have PAWS (post acute withdrawal symptoms).

PAWS lasts between 1 - 4 years.

My current symptoms are: social anxiety, anhedonia, brain fog, fatigue, low energy, low motivation, low libido, no morning wood, weak bladder and urine stream.
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Do you have flatline jumps?
Light days and dark days

I had PAWS reductions at month 4, 6, 18 and 32. Currently at month 35.

Every day is the same.

Stress, little or bad sleep, too much sugar and some social situations, nocturnal emissions, worsen my symptoms. So I avoid them as good as I can.
Wow man that's great. 35 months that's amazing. I cannot believe this. Seriously. I have been trying to quit but failing all the time. Need help man