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Forgot to post that I am one year sober again as of January! I don't even know the exact date. Anyone else not dwell on the number too much? Anyone else find that in counting its almost more tempting to break the streak? Anyone want to attempt explaining that weird psychology? lol
Day ten of my media fast is in the books. I have tremendous energy. It is 445AM and I am at my desk working. I have masturbated a few times in the last week, but no porn. Just to explain, my media fast looks like this. No television. No social media. Since I live alone, I do watch Youtube while I eat. Plus I listen to audiobooks, news and some mysteries on YouTube while I am busy around the house.
Sorry I've been away. I decided to do a full media fast. I am 9 days in and feeling amazing. Days 4 and 5 were a little sketchy, but I held my ground. Now it is 2AM, can't sleep and tempted by my favorite social media site. I know there is dopamine there. I know also I will have to lie to the 5 people I have committed to, if I go there. So I am here to say I will not. I will go back to sleep for a couple of hours.
I've noticed that as I have gotten older, I don't have the resilience I did as a young man. If I eat the wrong food for breakfast, it kicks my ass the rest of the day. If I PMO, it kicks my ass the rest of the day. Carrying an extra 30 pounds was not a problem. But now it is an anchor around my neck. Even if I wanted to, I physically cannot PMO anymore. I can have sex with my fiance, but must practice karezza.