Finally, I'm doing this…


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Day 1(no po, no mo) monk mode.

I woke up early today around 4 am, ate my last meal before fasting, prayed and then worked on a project for my bachelor’s degree from 5:30 till 8:30am. Then I went to college to meet with the group I'm working with on the project to get some work done as well. After that we went to a programming class. We got out by 2:30pm head on to the library with them to continue the work on the project till 3:30pm. Then we went our separate ways.

I got back home and decided to go back to the gym after one month of no gym workouts, it was because I started getting sloppy. It was a good session of basic calisthenics workouts(pull ups, push ups, deep squats, rows, parallel bars dips, and chin ups) . It lasted an hour and a half but it felt so good. I didn’t find any difficulty in doing the same number of reps and sets I was doing a month ago. It’s like I haven't left for a month or maybe my body is still warm and tomorrow when I wake up. It will hit me with the consequences lol. But well see…

Today’s productivity rate: 8.2/10

See you tomorrow…
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Day 2.

Same thing today, I woke up early at 4 am, had my last meal before fasting, prayed and started working on a project for 3 hours. I got stuck at some point and switched instead to studying some turbomachinery until 10 am. After that I went to college to meet with the other guys about the project. Unfortunately the library was already full, we didn’t do much tbh. My laptop ran out of battery and all the plugs were taken so we just worked with our phones which sucks.

from1pm till 3:30pm i was in a class. after it i went back home, and head on to the gym immediately even though my body was kind of sore from the intense workout i did yesterday, but i worked out anyways, it was a good session, i didn’t hit the complete reps on a few sets but that’s okay, either that or i will get myself injured, and we don’t want that, do we…

Today’s productivity rate: 6/10

Keep pushing guys, we got this…